decisions, decisions.

Yesterday, I was lazing around in my sister’s room, surfing for decor companies on my iPad when I received a text from the other half. He said it was raining heavily at his area and he had to wait for quite some time before fetching me. So I told him to take his time because I was still in my pajamas and belum mandi anyway hahaha.

20 minutes later, I received another text from him asking if I have showered. I said belum la because it was still raining mah. All he replied was….

“I dah kat luar rumah you.”

I had a panic attack! I opened the door frowning while he exclaimed, “Surprise!!” and headed straight to the toilet for a shower. When I came out from the shower, he was looking at decor pictures on FB, using my account.

When it comes to decor, I have always been indecisive. Initially, I wanted Cahaya Nanie’s Cinderella carriage dais because they cater to low budget weddings. Then over time I wanted Comel Molek because their quotation was affordable and I really liked their selection of dais. And then yesterday I was in love with another decor company. In love as in really gila-gila in love with…

Saiful Imran Sidevents!

The motive was to check out one of the weddings that they had done at Woodlands CC. I wanted to see how the MPH would look like once fully decorated. But I ended up loving their full ceiling draping and their whole decor concept! So my style!

So I showed the other half the pics of SID’s decor and guess what? It was love at first sight for him as well! He went, “Cantiknya. Such decor can contain the air con in the MPH. Guests mesti suka.”
This, my friends, is coming from someone who has zero knowledge on Malay weddings and the likes. I was pretty excited that he is finally agreeing on something and that he loved SID as much as I did!

Then came the quotation from SID (just a reminder that we were supposed to go out for dinner and there we were sitting at the dining table waiting for SID to send the quotations!). My heart dropped upon checking it. It was way past our decor budget so my excitement level dropped to -86866553. I looked at the other half dejectedly and guess what he said?

“Alah. I really want those chiavari chairs. The normal chairs tak cool sangat. Shall we relook at our budget?”

Chiavari chairs?! He knows the term chiavari chairs? My other half is turning into a mat kahwin-kahwin!

In the end, we didn’t go for dinner, hahahaha. We sat and looked at our budget once more. We made a few changes to a few items on the budget and then concluded that….


Come, come I show you why I am in love with SID.



You see why I am in love?? *melts*


weight woes.

I am plus-sized.

I was a UK12 in 2008, then UK14 in 2010 and am currently a UK16. I was a real foodie and was proud to say that I live to eat. I didn’t know how serious my weight gain had been until one day in December 2012, I made a trip to the polyclinic because I wasn’t well and they measured my height and weight. What I found out came as a shock.

I was a hefty 90kg.

When I came back to work two days later, I had a casual chat with one of my colleagues who was lamenting to me how she needed to lose the baby weight after giving birth and she was at her heaviest while being pregnant with her second child.

“Don’t mind me asking ah. What was your weight when you were pregnant?” I asked. Curious mah.

“Oh. I was 90kg!”

That was it. A mini wake-up call for me. How can I, a supposedly-healthy young woman, be as heavy as a pregnant lady?

That same night, the other half brought up the topic of marriage and after much discussion, we came to a conclusion that the best date for our wedding would be in mid-December 2014. I couldn’t sleep after that because I was worried about how I would look because since young, I have always envisioned myself to be in a pretty, flowy white dress on my wedding day.

So I decided that I would start my weight loss journey on 3 January 2013. I made major changes to my eating habits and my daily lifestyle.

Alhamdulillah, I am now 78kg. Still on the heavy side, which means I have almost 19 months more to reach my goal weight of 55kg.

What did I do?

1) I went on a no-rice diet

This is obviously quite hard for me because it simply means that I had to say goodbye to my Chicken Rice from New Hawa, my Beef Fried Rice from Changi 897 and my Claypot Seafood Rice from Cahaya. But it’s mind over matter. I could still eat the good stuff but still eliminate the rice part. Within the first two weeks, I had lost 3 kg. So this diet definitely works for me.

2) No red meat, all white meat

This is a bit tricky to explain. I personally think red meat is okay to be consumed but my Mum said I should eat all white meat like fish and skinless chicken since I’m on a diet. Must ikut cakap Mama because she is the one doing all the cooking, hehe. This is quite an easy one as I have always been a chicken person.

3) Walk, walk, walk

Because I teach in the afternoon session and teach tuition after that, I find that I only have weekends to exercise. So I walk a lot during weekdays. I will alight from the bus one stop before my school’s bus stop and I will walk. Same goes when I get home for tuition. I will alight one bus stop before my house bus stop (walaupun dan malam and agak seram haha). I stopped taking the school’s lift and opt for stairs instead. Ni antara nak dgn tak nak je.

4) Eat according to time

Before I started dieting, I ate whatever I want, whenever I want. Now, I take breakfast, lunch and dinner and I keep track of the time I take each of the meals. My last meal of the day has to be before 7, latest 8. In between lunch and dinner I eat an apple or any types of fruits I can find in my staff room pantry (or my colleagues’ tables hehehe) because that is the only time I have my free periods and selit in my daily fruit intake.

5) Reduce food intake

For this one, I ikut sunnah Rasul: Makan sebelum lapar, berhenti sebelum kenyang. I no longer gorge myself sampai perut kenyang and nak meletup. Once I feel satisfied with I eat, I stop eating although the food is not finished yet. By reducing food intake, you are ‘training’ your stomach to take in less food. Now when I eat, makan sikit je dah kenyang. So this helps.

If you plan to go on a similar diet, please do a trial first to see if this diet really works for you. My friend went on the same diet but she couldn’t tahan the no-rice part and will get giddy spells if she doesn’t eat rice. Each body is biochemically different. I am helpless when it comes to diet supplements because it doesn’t work for me which is why I went on a no-rice one.

If you have any doubts or concerns, bride.barista@ymail.com.


the sky is blue.

After reading Another Accidental Bride’s post on Gardenasia, I decided to go ahead in enquiring on their services and rates. Prior to my wedding planning, I had stumbled upon the venue in pictures and I loved it! The place was breathtakingly beautiful and it looked really exquisite.



Kranji Loft


Both are really apt for Malay weddings of 500pax and above. I must say that Gardenasia was really prompt in replying to my enquiries and they provided quite an extensive explanation.






So I immediately pitched the idea to my dear Mum because after all, her opinions matter the most. She saw the quotations, looked at me and said…..

“Abih nanti yang tua-tua datang macam mana? It’s at Kranji tau, Kakak! Please think properly.”

My heart broke a little after hearing that so I decided to approach Dad instead. What did he say?

“Go ask Mama.”

I lost the battle already la. But come to think of it, the other half doesn’t even know about my secret obsession for Bluesky. So by right, this wasn’t a battle worth fighting for from the start. Chet.

Never mind, this venue might be for you BTBs out there should you love beautiful garden weddings and Kranji isn’t out of the way for you. If you need more information, email me 🙂


hort hog.

My other half texted me while I was at work and was proud to announce how hardworking he was to make a trip down to Woodlands CC in an effort to enquire about the rental rates.

Make a trip down, as in literally down because he lives at the block next to the CC -.-

When we first started our wedding planning, both of us came to a consensus that it would be good to have a combined wedding as he has a small family and he feels that he is much closer to my close-knit family than his own.

Initially Woodlands CC sounded like a great idea but after a friend told me a few weeks back that rental for Woodlands CC was a whooping $3300, I became hesitant.

I digress! Back to the texting part.

Being the mind-reader that he was, my other half instantly knew I was half-hearted about having our wedding at the abovementioned CC. To make me feel better, he said,

“Okay, okay, cinta. Since you rasa it’s agak mahal, why not we have it at Hog Park? It’s cheaper kan?”

HOG PARK? Why are you so kelakar seram? A beautiful place called Hort Park suddenly became a park full of hogs?

Heh. Anyway, if you are interested to have your wedding at Hort Park, click here for their latest rates and list of appointed caterers. Below are some pictures of weddings that were held there.


Picture and Decor credits to The Wedding Chateau


Picture and Decor credits to Diary Design Wedding

I have quotations for decor services from both the above companies. If you’re interested, leave a comment!