hort hog.

My other half texted me while I was at work and was proud to announce how hardworking he was to make a trip down to Woodlands CC in an effort to enquire about the rental rates.

Make a trip down, as in literally down because he lives at the block next to the CC -.-

When we first started our wedding planning, both of us came to a consensus that it would be good to have a combined wedding as he has a small family and he feels that he is much closer to my close-knit family than his own.

Initially Woodlands CC sounded like a great idea but after a friend told me a few weeks back that rental for Woodlands CC was a whooping $3300, I became hesitant.

I digress! Back to the texting part.

Being the mind-reader that he was, my other half instantly knew I was half-hearted about having our wedding at the abovementioned CC. To make me feel better, he said,

“Okay, okay, cinta. Since you rasa it’s agak mahal, why not we have it at Hog Park? It’s cheaper kan?”

HOG PARK? Why are you so kelakar seram? A beautiful place called Hort Park suddenly became a park full of hogs?

Heh. Anyway, if you are interested to have your wedding at Hort Park, click here for their latest rates and list of appointed caterers. Below are some pictures of weddings that were held there.


Picture and Decor credits to The Wedding Chateau


Picture and Decor credits to Diary Design Wedding

I have quotations for decor services from both the above companies. If you’re interested, leave a comment!

4 thoughts on “hort hog.

  1. Good choice! I’m planning to take Diary & Design / Rosette Designs for my partial decor services too. Reason being I want to steer way from Malay decor providers to avoid the “typical” look i guess? Haha. Plus, their quotations were also a pleasant surprise 🙂

    Anyways, I’ll look forward to your future posts! And good luck with the planning 🙂

    • hello!

      yes, their quotations were quite a surprise eh? but I always wondered if Diary Design is able to do a dais? I enquired before but I think they overlooked my enquiry hahaha.

      I love love love designs by TWC. but their prices are a bit too steep boohoo.

  2. Hi.

    I am interested to in the above mentioned companies. Hehe. May I have their quotations please? I know its like much later now. I just want to have a rough gauge. Thanks a million!

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