the sky is blue.

After reading Another Accidental Bride’s post on Gardenasia, I decided to go ahead in enquiring on their services and rates. Prior to my wedding planning, I had stumbled upon the venue in pictures and I loved it! The place was breathtakingly beautiful and it looked really exquisite.



Kranji Loft


Both are really apt for Malay weddings of 500pax and above. I must say that Gardenasia was really prompt in replying to my enquiries and they provided quite an extensive explanation.






So I immediately pitched the idea to my dear Mum because after all, her opinions matter the most. She saw the quotations, looked at me and said…..

“Abih nanti yang tua-tua datang macam mana? It’s at Kranji tau, Kakak! Please think properly.”

My heart broke a little after hearing that so I decided to approach Dad instead. What did he say?

“Go ask Mama.”

I lost the battle already la. But come to think of it, the other half doesn’t even know about my secret obsession for Bluesky. So by right, this wasn’t a battle worth fighting for from the start. Chet.

Never mind, this venue might be for you BTBs out there should you love beautiful garden weddings and Kranji isn’t out of the way for you. If you need more information, email me 🙂

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