seeray darer.

Guess what I just settled a few minutes ago while lying down and scratching my tummy?

Mother’s Day gift. While I’m at it, I settled the sireh dara for my wedding too – both from the same vendor!

I am too fast, too furious. Vin Diesel would be proud of me.


illegal immigrant.

Just now after tuition, I received a text from my Dad that he would be late so he told me to sit at the playground and play Candy Crush but since it’s malam Jumaat (takut seh nanti apa aje ada at playground), I decided it’s best to just wait for him at the usual spot. Kena berdiri pun tkpe la.

Usually the MPH near the usual spot would be used by a group of makciks doing kebayarobics but tonight was different:


That was as close as I could get because takut kalau snap gambar without permission (no one was there) nanti kena tangkap masuk lokap. On a brighter note, I loved the decor! It was so….. Me. I ended up standing near the MPH and just stared at the decor like an illegal immigrant. I started visualizing how I wanted my own decor to be like with the colour schemes of grey, white and cream, when suddenly….

“Hello!! Berangan kaper!”

My Dad burst my bubble. Chet.

Which brings me to another topic. My choice of pelamin.

A few days back I was lazing around with my Mum and Sissy and suddenly we had this tunang + kahwin talk out of the blue, with my sis pestering me to find macaron sellers on FB and my Mum asking me what I want her to sponsor for my wedding (woohoo, rezeki jangan ditolak!). I decided to show them the pelamin I was in love with.

In case anyone’s wondering, my wedding planning is no longer a secret from my parents and my FIL because the other half feels it’s better to include them jadi orang tua tak kecik hati. Come to think of it, this was a blessing in disguise because FIL will be sponsoring our venue. Sayang FIL!

Okay sidetrack better stop now.

After showing them my pelamin choice, both went, “Alah Kak! So simple!” I think I pengsan after that and hyperventilated and nangis while kencing dalam pampers because I really love love love that pelamin 😦

Actually kan, I will be the one sitting on the pelamin and footing the cost for decor! So it should be my choice hor?



The past two days have been great – I was on MC for both days and it was heavenly! I got to watch my favourite shows on Food Network channel and even managed to catch up on some well-deserved sleep.

But that didn’t stop me from planning my wedding, heh.

So while I was on Facebook, checking out vendors (padahal all my main vendors dah settle tau, miang betul!), I came across pictures of the following wedding invites and I was blown away.

card 4

card 3

card 2

card 1

This was all born due to the creative juices of…… Hakim Rahim!


A bit of background information, Hakim was my kindergarten and primary school classmate! We went to different secondary schools but somehow always met during our higher malay classes at BPGHS and then subsequently went to different polytechnics but would somehow bump into each other at the interchange la, MRT station la, and even the neighbourhood pasar!

I have always been a huge fan of his work because they are so unique and out-of-the-box. For the record, he has always been a high flyer in primary school and we would always compete with each other for the top spot academically. This time, however, I am defeated hands down because I really love his wedding invites designs and I can’t even photoshop for nuts 😦

I might consider engaging his services for my wedding invites but subject to the other half (and most likely my Mum who loves the wedding cards at JB)’s approval. If you are looking for a wedding card vendor, do consider Cards By Hakim Rahim :p


my saturday.

Wanna hear a kelakar seram story?

This morning, I had to collect my health screening report from Far East Shopping Centre at freaking 9.30am. I wanted to ask the doctor why his clinic is only opened on Saturdays at such strict timing (8.30 – 11.00am) but I felt bad because the doctor really took time to explain regarding my medical results and also provided free consultation.

I had taken the comprehensive, pre-marital, cancer and ovarian health screening but these I will save for another entry. Back to the kelakar seram part.

So I squeezed in some me-time and had breakfast at ION’s CBTL and suddenly a light bulb lit up instantly. It was an hour to the other half’s lunch break so why not I surprise him with nasi padang and his favourite teh tarik since he always complains that he has to eat instant noodles during lunch (his workplace has no canteen, apadaaaaaahhh).

I chop chop bought his lunch, checked online for his workplace address and decided to cab there since it’s in the west and I am going back home mah.

You know, there were past instances where I would be unsure of the location of a place and taxi drivers would kindly help me look for the block number etc. This time, however, was different. When I reached the area, I was clueless where his workplace was although I had the address. Then the taxi driver asked if I knew where the place was. I told him I knew the address but I didn’t know where it is. Guess what he said?

“Huh? I am confused. You know or don’t know? First I brought you there then you tell me you don’t know where the place is? I think you better get down.”

Arsehole betul. So not wanting to cause a stir because I am at a foreign place and I takut kena kidnap and dibunuh and dicampak behind Joo Koon station, I decided to walk. I was happy when I saw Kian Teck Road but I still had no idea where the hell his workplace was! Nak tak nak, I surrendered and called him.

Me: “Hello sayang? Tempat kerja you kat mana?”
Him: “Huh? Untuk apa? You kat mana ni?”
Me: “Kian Teck Road. I belikan you lunch.”
Him: “I’m at Kian Teck Way! Where you are at now, is twenty minutes away from my workplace if you walk!”

Then I cried. Hahaha I know part gini mesti you all think I’m gembeng right. But the truth is, I was just upset that the taxi driver snapped at me for not knowing where exactly my destination was and that I had to alight at a fairly foreign place I had never been to. To add to that, sesat pulak tu!

Ten minutes later, the other half and his colleague came to pick me up. Lunch surprise became buat-malu-je-and-susahkan-orang-pulak-tu. I kept quiet in the car because one, it was my first time kena marah dengan taxi driver, two, my first time getting lost at such a weird industrial area and three, malu la cos he and his colleague had to fetch me while I was tearing hahaha.

I will be meeting him later to discuss about our wedding plans. Nanti when he asks me about the taxi driver, mesti I nangis lagi. For the record, I must explain to you that hati I memang lembut and mudah emotionally affected. When I found out my friend’s husband was cheating on her, I cried, padahal tak ada kena mengena pun. When I found out my student’s father had passed away in an accident, I cried too, padahal tak pernah jumpa dia pun. When my then-6 year old sister (now she’s 12) fell on the road and scraped her knees real bad, I cried too. There were so many instances where I would cry or tear when in actual fact, it has got nothing to do with me.

Hmmm. Okaylah, maybe I am gembeng. Lol.



The wedding planning is progressing really well, to my surprise! I’ve booked my Chiavari chairs from XOXO & Co and also made an appointment to meet the awesome team of……


Let me tell you a background story of how all these happened.

That day I was talking to a friend about wanting to engage Comel Molek for decor and was going on and on about how I can’t wait to discuss my wedding theme and concept with them. My friend, whom I can really depend on for ideas and opinions, asked when my wedding will be.

“Oh! 14th December 2014!”

“Wah really ah? My brother is also getting married on that date and also thinking of engaging Comel Molek tau!”

I terus terkencing sikit. Wanted to text the other half but he was working so I thought, okay, why not I speak to him about this during the weekend. Alhamdulillah, luck was on my side because that same night he texted me if he could come over because he needed to print something.

I was already emotionally and mentally ready for a flat “No” even before I started speaking to him so after pitching my ‘proposal’ to him, I kept quiet and….. pouted my lips and put on the puppy look! Thinking back, I think those two facial expressions worked well together because he looked straight at me, smiled, and said, “Okay, go buat appointment.”

Now we’re talking! So now, I am thinking of what colour outfits might go well with my first choice dais. Help me babes, what colours do I wear if my dais is grey, cream, white with a bit of brown/bronze?


kulit si syra.

I almost had a heart attack yesterday afternoon after checking out SyraSkin’s calendar for 2014 and 2015! Most dates are already booked so I apa lagi, immediately emailed them to enquire on their availability and sepantas kilat dan petir transferred the $50 deposit to them.

Henna – settled!

My colleague shared with me that in North India, the husband’s name will be hidden in the intricate henna motifs and the husband will have to find where his name is hidden!

The Mehendi or henna motif is not only the adoration of the bride rather it epitomizes her transformation from a virgin girl to a temptress for her husband. As per Kama Sutra, henna is one of the sixty four arts of women. Popular motifs of the bridal mehendi are conchshell, flowers, Kalash, peacock, doli and baraat patterns. The intricate motifs of the bridal henna also hide the husband’s name. It is said that the husband’s name in the intricate henna motifs is made for the groom who has to find his name in his bride’s mehendi as an evidence of his sharp eyes and active brain to impress his girl.

Ish, the other half tk perlu la cari-cari nama ni semua. You’ve impressd me enough over the years, hiakhiakhiak (ketawa miang).

Anyway, this is the kind of design that appeal to me thus far:


Abstract with a tinge of simplicity, I guess? Because from the start I just wanted those seketul-seketul inai on my fingers but idea was immediately shot down by Mum on the pretext that kahwin cuma sekali so must make the best out of everything hahaha.

That’s why la she has 17 pasang baju on her wedding day -_-



So at 8pm just now, I had my waxing appointment at Fabulous Tan, located at Cineleisure. The other half was kind enough to send me there after Maghrib and made his way back to Al-Falah for Isya’ prayers. Initially when the receptionist told him that he would have to wait for an hour, I was scared that he would give me the killer stare because I had told him I would take only 45 mins (hahahaha liar penipu pembedek) but he gave the sweetest smile ever and said…

“It’s okay, I can wait for my baby.”

Nak pengsan please.


Fabulous Tan is on the fifth level while Eighteen Chefs is on the forth. Selepas wax apa lagi? Celebrate success and jemput makan! But I didn’t eat there just now because it was 9 by the time I ended.

Anyway, if you are planning to have your wax session there soon, do request for Joanne because she was really quick and she did it painlessly (or maybe it’s just me with high threshold for pain)! Plus, she’s quite funny too. Prior to this visit, I had purchased the 6-sessions brazilian package priced at $228 so each session would only cost $38, as compared to their regular price of $56.

For first timers who would like to try waxing or other services offered at Fabulous Tan, they do have discount smses that would be sent to your mobile phone and all you need to do is show the SMS to enjoy the offer.


I might consider going for their teeth whitening treatment before the wedding also. Hopefully it’ll still be $488 mid next year! At this very moment, I can imagine my Mum saying….




A week ago, my colleague asked if I was interested to join her for a spa session at Wayan Retreat because there was a 1-for-1 promotion going on. Being a spa addict (haha!) I immediately agreed because I haven’t tried any treatments from there. So yesterday, we went and upon entering the place, I was blown away.

The place was gorgeous!



Images from Google because I was too excited and forgot to snap pictures, bleargh.

My colleague and I both had the Ratu Jongras which consists of 45 mins body scrub & scalp treatment and 45 mins of full body massage. The satisfaction I felt was beyond words! The masseuse, Kak Nazi, was very professional and friendly – I wished the massage didn’t have to end, heh. Wishful thinking, hor?

Apart from massage and facial, they also offer mani & pedi and waxing services as well! All under one roof, super convenient kan? So gatal me enquired if they were able to do underarm waxing for me and they were able to! I is happy camper because the waxing lasted for only 10 minutes, yay.

I purchased this too:


Whitening plus anti-perspiration roll-on for $20. It’s halal too 🙂

They also have the pre-wedding package which I am thinking of signing up in December, InsyAllah!

While waiting for my colleague’s husband to fetch us, I expressed my desire to start a proper facial regime. My colleague was concerned because all these while, I was only capable in washing my face with a facial foam – and that’s about it. So she brought me to Kiehl’s because she highly recommends the products from there.

The sales lady that attended to me suggested that I take the basic ones first:


From left to right and in order of application:

1) Exfoliator (mornings)
2) Facial cleanser (nights)
3) Toner
4) Serum
5) Moisturiser
6) Sunblock lotion

Today was my first application and I must say, I really like it! The sales lady had also kindly gave me so many samples to try!


Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, masks – I gave to my mum most of the samples and kept these two for myself.


I cant wait to try their whitening products next! Furthermore, Kiehl’s has recently made some revisions to their prices so that their products will be more affordable to the masses. It’s definitely a sign that I’d have to start looking after my face, body and hair so can give the other half a good kind of shock on our erm… First night together haha.

I also might wanna check out the Avalon thickening shampoo that Kahwin Kronicles recommended in her entry. My hair needs some major repair, pronto! on a brighter note, brazilian and half-leg waxing in the evening later at Fabulous Tan! Will update more on that soon 🙂



Before I ucapkan selamat malam dunia (esok pagi kena pergi kerja, bummer! :X ), here’s something I wanna share with my lovely BTBs!


My eyes lit up upon seeing this and I might turn up although it’s after my Nike Run! Jom!