click and flim.

Truth be told, when I first started my wedding planning journey, photography and videography have always been my priority. I pretty much was set on Kiera Roxanne’s photography because I love how her pictures turn out and how she pays attention to details. Videography-wise, jangan cakap, I am an ardent fan of CST Singapore’s works. Sadly, their price points are not within my budget and after much discussion with the other half, we have decided to settle on the next best choice. Frankly speaking, the other half was uncertain if videography is a need but after I explained (with a muka-kesian-nak-mampos face) that I still watch my parents’ wedding video, he gave in and even hoped that our future children will want to watch our wedding video too.

I am such a convincing person, I should be a property or an insurance agent, instead of a teacher, no?

Anyway, here are the chosen ones who will be etched in my hearts and minds forever and ever and ever hahahaha:

Purple Plumtree Photography

How I came to know about Purple Plumtree was purely coincidental. I was feeling really bored one afternoon so I fished out my iPad and started keying in ‘photography’ in the FB search bar. Purple Plumtree stood out because its profile picture is a picture of a Muslimah holding a camera. I clicked on it, looked at the pictures in the albums and I was SOLD! I kept smiling because her pictures were stunning and I really love the fact that it’s a female photographer. Check out her works!




My last picture is my favourite; I love candid pictures!

Once Upon Images Videography

I was looking through pictures from Once Upon Images on their official website, with the objective of finding out more about their photography. However, I was attracted to their videography instead! This video in particular made me go, “Awwwww….” and I loved how their style and concept is. Simple and clean –  just the way I like it! Furthermore, since I’m a bride on a budget, their quotation were reasonable and most importantly, within my set budget. Alhamdulillah!

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