Babes, I have two problems and I need your valuable opinions.

Problem 1:
I really like this particular andaman and I am in love with her makeup and outfits. Worried that she might be booked on my wedding dates, I texted her on Saturday night to enquire on her availability but she hasn’t replied yet. Do I……

1) Call her? But what if she finds me irritating? Dah lah enquire through FB, message then now call pulak tu?

2) Search for another andaman?

Problem 2:
The other half is more comfortable paying deposit for decor only in Dec of this year. I am really worried sampai gigit jari kaki semua should SID be unavailable on my wedding date! Do I……

1) Wait until December to call and pay the $500 deposit (thanks to Chase The Bride for the heads up!) but risk having them booked on my designated dates?

2) Call to enquire end of this week on their availability and then secretly pay the $500 deposit? But after that scared I will be groom-less sebab pandai-pandai bayar deposit.

Help! Help!

24 thoughts on “dilemma.

  1. Problem 1: wait or call! Sebab they are usually busy on weekends and Mondays are their day off so they wont bother replying, let alone go on FB. So either u wait til tomorrow or give em a call. Some vendors, esp caterers take FOREVER to reply fb msg and emails but kalau sms or call very cepat.

    Problem 2: if it’s a combined wedding then it’s best u wait la. i’d like to think that kalau ada rezeki, u tunggu sampai nx year pun they will be available. Kalau bukan rezeki, nak deposit ni malam pun they can be fully booked. Haha. And mana tau ada hikmah, u may fall in love with other vendors and have a chg of heart ke?
    OR pujuk ur fiance with a muka kesian nak mampus again. Haha!

    Not to ruin your harapan for SID, but a fellow ex-BTB had a not-so-fab experience. http://unicornpoptarts.wordpress.com

    Anyway I hope u get the andaman n deco idaman u no matter the decision babe!

    • Hello babe!

      Thank you very much for the opinions. Hmmm I think ya la it’s true, if its meant to be then it will. I read about them before from Arfah’s blog tapi I macam degil nak engage them jugak. Heeeeee. In the meantime I will survey more decor companies too just in case I fall in love lagi?

      • hi hello! hehe. you’ve got good taste in decor. 😉 but true, you might fall in love again with other companies whose work is just as good as theirs, and even better actually. (minus the vendor-zilla attitude, i’m sure) plus, other decor cos punye standard of work & design+concept will improve as you go along the wedding planning journey. cos truth be told, i did fall in love with another decor co. but cos i dah deposit $500 with them… -__-

        BUT, if the seruan (for SID) is too strong.. i would call/enquire/fix appt -> which won’t be easy cos they’re ALWAYS full of appts almost everyday. (i had to apply leave just to sync schedules). then you can your express interest & say you’ll revert soon to pay deposit. then after that you pujuk/convince/force (haha) your other half la to pay deposit so you guys can secure your wedding date. but good luck with that one though, cos men punye kancheong level & ours are worlds apart when it comes to booking of vendors. hee.

      • HELLO ARFAH! 🙂 I think I read your 3-part entry about them 234848509895 times semalam sampai tadi pagi I wasn’t sure if I really wanted them (and they quite mahal hor?) for my wedding decor! Takut I kena vendor-zilla attitude nanti I nangis cos I am agak crybaby? haha.

        Besides SID, do you know of any other decor companies that does the full-ceiling decor? Cos I think my FH suka SID cos of the full-ceiling part, lol.

        Thank you for the suggestions, babe! I rasa this weekend, must sit down with him and buat the muka-kesian-nak-mampos face so that he will understand!

      • hello back (sorry :{ i tak tau nama u)! i still feel nervous seeing the many hits for those 3 blog entries tau. kamu rupanya. lol.

        maybe the more established & experienced decor companies (Anggun/Jentayu Gallery) can do full ceiling, by request maybe? ya SID’s prices are steep seh. after placing my deposit, i started to like jentayu so much, and found out that they’re also just as expensive (lol), i kicked myself abit la.

        honestly, i was slightly disturbed that their full ceiling cost ($1500) wasn’t inclusive of the cost for decor ($5000). mentel kan, nak lawa la konon. lol. tu belum masuk cost for my tentage yg tipahtetipu bcos they “ter-miscalculate” the size for gazebo. hais… so standby for hidden costs later on when they go into detail after viewing your venue etc. this might be SOP with other decor co la i dono. didn’t research much. 😦 *kick myself again* so if your venue extra stylo like outdoors or CC, chances are the total cost will be higher than high. :s

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA GROOM-LESS!! sorry i dint mean to laugh, sounded so funny dats why. actually kan, my fiance thought i was too kiasu to book everything so early but i convinced him by telling him dat our first choice vendors mite be booked by others and if we book now, we get the current package, not next yr’s which sure to be marked up. convinced ur HTB la 🙂

    abt ur andaman, theres no email add for u to email? mayb ade admin jage email dia? (eh bape byk email daaaa LOL!)

    • Hahahah actually bila I baca balik the groom-less part macam kelakar seram gitu! I have a feeling if I say to him that kita kena book early cos takut nanti prices marked up for next year, he will say,”Tapi kan kita akan book THIS year Dec? So this year price what.”

      Nanti I kalau point! Haha.

      • then lawan balik! 😛 what if your first choice vendor yg you all really nak dah di-booked by others? kan nanti “hatiku luka, hampa dan kecewa” in BTB world, cannot dilly dally u noe 😛

      • Wah you very good you know. Must learn all these from you heeeee. I rasa I akan bawa dia pergi makan buffet dinner, buat dia happy then I cakap. Hahahahahahaha sanggup manz!

  3. I agree with eleven october… U cud try calling them tmr… Shud be fine la… I dun think dieorang mcm terpikir u r the one who fb, email etc.

    For second prob, 2 solution:
    1.u can be a bridezilla and just pay the deposit… If its combined then korang split cost like makes no diff babe..it’s like u pay the bit first followed by him( if u get wat i mean).
    2. U wait and see… Coz if its meant to be ur will be urs. Furthermore i did read the one eleven october post before. Tapi luck masing2 eh… Some r ok but the other r not…

  4. Looks like i lambat setapak hahahah. Just saw this post and peningpengantin has already warned you about SID. Anyways, wise steps you’re taking to be discussing with the mamat first. Donch worry. Kalau ajak berunding, takkan groom-less punyer lah

  5. Maybe negotiate with him, instead of by Dec book by June or something? Tell him some BTBs book very in advance. So if possible book early what if you guys can’t get your choice vendor how?! Haha. But make sure you’re set on them la. If you’re still 50-50 and haven’t survey fully yet, who knows you might change your mind. 🙂

  6. tell him to read forums and show him how cepat it is for slots to get snapped up. especially the popular well-sought after ones. boleh trauma, babe.

    my fiance was initially skeptical about booking in advance too, until i show him forum posts and vendor announcements about dates getting booked very fast in the local wedding scene.

    • HELLO HELLO 🙂 I didnt know most guys are like that tau. I thought only my FH la yang skeptical and relek jack. I dah kanchiong spider walaupun I punya next year Dec! Actually other than SID, I also like Kasai Sayang. But I email but they never reply then I added them on FB they never accept. Agaknya I kanchiong sangat sampai diorg tknk liase dgn I tak? Haha.

      How babe… can recommend me decor companies yang boleh buat decor secantik (or even better) SID? Sorry eh I ni tak habis2 mintak tolong jeeeee.

      • alamak kasai sayang very busy the body, babe! ok you gi call zahrin 97996884 and tell him i recommend you ok.

        if you want recommendations for decor, try anggun wedding services or comel molek! RH bridal pun nubbad… oh and there’s ISS weddings, tapi i just saw yesterday yang dorang akan merge with amani weddings.

      • eh just crossed my mind that i should recommend you consider fatimah mohsin’s decor jugak! theirs is pretty good as well + their package inclusive of chiavari chairs. in 2012, their quote was $5500.

        there’s also mariah & sham and the wedding chateau but theirs are much much much more lawa than SID, imho, so harga pun lagi lah ‘lawa’ kan hur hur

  7. Arfah, now their full-ceiling is additional $1800, and since I will be doing mine at CC, that will be $6500 + $1800 = $8300 = Haiyo can use this $$$ pergi honeymoon.

    I did enquire about Jentayu’s price as well but I havent shown Jentayu’s works to FH. I also like Mariah and Sham BUT they dont provide quotation if kita setakat tanya-tanya aje cos I heard they only discuss if we are serious about engaging them.

    I nak sembunyi bawah selimut boohoohoo.

    • ooooh. $8300… mahohe tu. but if half2 with groom side, ok sikiiit la. hehe. mariah & sham memang classss. ada rupa ada harga, i guess. sorry i couldn’t help much with info. hehe. but good luck with the whole planning shizniz. lepas wedding confirm you’ll miss these finger-biting decision-making moments! macam i la. boohoo.

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