Remember how melancholic I was in my previous post about Problem Number 1? My first choice andaman replied my message that very same night!

You babes must be my lucky stars, confirm!

I immediately enquired regarding her availability on my wedding dates and she said she was! I was so thrilled to the extend of not being able to sleep last night, haha. The other half and I will be meeting up with her next Tuesday to do the booking. Hopefully all turns out well and the other half won’t find her quotation to be too steep. If he finds it steep also I don’t care, because I want. Muahahaha.

So I present to you, my andaman 🙂

ISHQ By Nora Zee


And this, my fellow BTBs, is my favourite bride among all the awesome brides Nora Zee has made up. I hope I will be as gorgeous as her on my wedding day, InsyAllah! *cheshire cat grin*


Cantiknya, MasyAllah. Nora Zee, such magical hands you have!

During my free periods just now, I texted my second choice vendor to ask whether they do full-ceiling decor for weddings at CC. Here was their reply:

“Yes, we do. That will be $850.”

I was elated because it wasn’t as pricey as my first choice decor, who charges $1500 for their full-ceiling. Plus I really like one of their decor concept in particular so it’s a win-win situation! And they only need $200 deposit to secure my booking. If I include the rental costs of the chiavari chairs, the total amount is still not as expensive as my first choice decor!

Sayang….. Please, sayang…. Can we like book now? I tak nak meraung mcm chimpanzee if I find out they are fully-booked on our big day.

Babes, tolong doakan agar hatinya lembut dan fikirannya waras dalam hal vendors-booking okay.

8 thoughts on “chosen.

  1. Nora Zee was from RW rite? And how do chimps meraung? Hahaha! So happy for u dat u got ur first choice andaman, very important cos it either make or break, summore its on u kan 😀

  2. Nora Zee memang best! She’s my engagement MUA (Tina aka Pippin’ Emerald) punya gd friend and idol. Haha
    If Peti Solek was booked I’d have gotten her. Glad u gonna book Nora Zee! I memang nak blog about her but as usual takterjadi. Hahaha

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