A week ago, my colleague asked if I was interested to join her for a spa session at Wayan Retreat because there was a 1-for-1 promotion going on. Being a spa addict (haha!) I immediately agreed because I haven’t tried any treatments from there. So yesterday, we went and upon entering the place, I was blown away.

The place was gorgeous!



Images from Google because I was too excited and forgot to snap pictures, bleargh.

My colleague and I both had the Ratu Jongras which consists of 45 mins body scrub & scalp treatment and 45 mins of full body massage. The satisfaction I felt was beyond words! The masseuse, Kak Nazi, was very professional and friendly – I wished the massage didn’t have to end, heh. Wishful thinking, hor?

Apart from massage and facial, they also offer mani & pedi and waxing services as well! All under one roof, super convenient kan? So gatal me enquired if they were able to do underarm waxing for me and they were able to! I is happy camper because the waxing lasted for only 10 minutes, yay.

I purchased this too:


Whitening plus anti-perspiration roll-on for $20. It’s halal too 🙂

They also have the pre-wedding package which I am thinking of signing up in December, InsyAllah!

While waiting for my colleague’s husband to fetch us, I expressed my desire to start a proper facial regime. My colleague was concerned because all these while, I was only capable in washing my face with a facial foam – and that’s about it. So she brought me to Kiehl’s because she highly recommends the products from there.

The sales lady that attended to me suggested that I take the basic ones first:


From left to right and in order of application:

1) Exfoliator (mornings)
2) Facial cleanser (nights)
3) Toner
4) Serum
5) Moisturiser
6) Sunblock lotion

Today was my first application and I must say, I really like it! The sales lady had also kindly gave me so many samples to try!


Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, masks – I gave to my mum most of the samples and kept these two for myself.


I cant wait to try their whitening products next! Furthermore, Kiehl’s has recently made some revisions to their prices so that their products will be more affordable to the masses. It’s definitely a sign that I’d have to start looking after my face, body and hair so can give the other half a good kind of shock on our erm… First night together haha.

I also might wanna check out the Avalon thickening shampoo that Kahwin Kronicles recommended in her entry. My hair needs some major repair, pronto! on a brighter note, brazilian and half-leg waxing in the evening later at Fabulous Tan! Will update more on that soon 🙂

4 thoughts on “pampering.

  1. I go to Fabulous Tan too! Usually who does your waxing? Do you go to the Bugis/Cineleisure outlet? But sad news i heard theyre gonna close down the cine one soon and they terminated my 2 fave n most trustable waxers. *wails*

  2. The one who does mine is Joanne! I went to the Cine one. I stopped going to the one at Holland V cos my favourite waxer dah tkde 😦

    Alah why they wanna close that one?! I like that place cos lepas wax boleh makan at Eighteen Chefs hahaha.

  3. Yes babe! Kiehl’s is good! I recommend them 🙂 I spent $380 for the ones I bought. At first I thought alamak mahalnya but the sales lady guaranteed that they can last for 3 months! Go go go buy, time to look after our faces hahaha 🙂

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