my saturday.

Wanna hear a kelakar seram story?

This morning, I had to collect my health screening report from Far East Shopping Centre at freaking 9.30am. I wanted to ask the doctor why his clinic is only opened on Saturdays at such strict timing (8.30 – 11.00am) but I felt bad because the doctor really took time to explain regarding my medical results and also provided free consultation.

I had taken the comprehensive, pre-marital, cancer and ovarian health screening but these I will save for another entry. Back to the kelakar seram part.

So I squeezed in some me-time and had breakfast at ION’s CBTL and suddenly a light bulb lit up instantly. It was an hour to the other half’s lunch break so why not I surprise him with nasi padang and his favourite teh tarik since he always complains that he has to eat instant noodles during lunch (his workplace has no canteen, apadaaaaaahhh).

I chop chop bought his lunch, checked online for his workplace address and decided to cab there since it’s in the west and I am going back home mah.

You know, there were past instances where I would be unsure of the location of a place and taxi drivers would kindly help me look for the block number etc. This time, however, was different. When I reached the area, I was clueless where his workplace was although I had the address. Then the taxi driver asked if I knew where the place was. I told him I knew the address but I didn’t know where it is. Guess what he said?

“Huh? I am confused. You know or don’t know? First I brought you there then you tell me you don’t know where the place is? I think you better get down.”

Arsehole betul. So not wanting to cause a stir because I am at a foreign place and I takut kena kidnap and dibunuh and dicampak behind Joo Koon station, I decided to walk. I was happy when I saw Kian Teck Road but I still had no idea where the hell his workplace was! Nak tak nak, I surrendered and called him.

Me: “Hello sayang? Tempat kerja you kat mana?”
Him: “Huh? Untuk apa? You kat mana ni?”
Me: “Kian Teck Road. I belikan you lunch.”
Him: “I’m at Kian Teck Way! Where you are at now, is twenty minutes away from my workplace if you walk!”

Then I cried. Hahaha I know part gini mesti you all think I’m gembeng right. But the truth is, I was just upset that the taxi driver snapped at me for not knowing where exactly my destination was and that I had to alight at a fairly foreign place I had never been to. To add to that, sesat pulak tu!

Ten minutes later, the other half and his colleague came to pick me up. Lunch surprise became buat-malu-je-and-susahkan-orang-pulak-tu. I kept quiet in the car because one, it was my first time kena marah dengan taxi driver, two, my first time getting lost at such a weird industrial area and three, malu la cos he and his colleague had to fetch me while I was tearing hahaha.

I will be meeting him later to discuss about our wedding plans. Nanti when he asks me about the taxi driver, mesti I nangis lagi. For the record, I must explain to you that hati I memang lembut and mudah emotionally affected. When I found out my friend’s husband was cheating on her, I cried, padahal tak ada kena mengena pun. When I found out my student’s father had passed away in an accident, I cried too, padahal tak pernah jumpa dia pun. When my then-6 year old sister (now she’s 12) fell on the road and scraped her knees real bad, I cried too. There were so many instances where I would cry or tear when in actual fact, it has got nothing to do with me.

Hmmm. Okaylah, maybe I am gembeng. Lol.

10 thoughts on “my saturday.

    • Actually I’m your sister. This is my secret blog….

      …. Hahaha. Actually I don’t know why I’m like this. Born with it eh agaknya. Either that or banyak sangat tk Cinta Fitri.

      • Haha tak suka tengok cerita tu! Many crying scenes! My sister also like to watch that. Many episodes tak abes2. Hahaha hi sister! Didn’t know you’re getting married eh!


    Lol actually i also sama, once a colleague called to say her dad passed away and she can’t go to work aku yang nangis. Dia mcm calm on the phone. Terbalik and songsang gila sak!

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