busy bee.

It’s been two weeks since I last let you guys in on my wedding planning! No, it’s not because my other half and I are planning to bring forward our wedding date (hehe, Another Accidental Bride!) but coincidentally, both of us were really busy with work! Fortunately, we managed to squeeze some time over the past two weekends meeting vendors and paying our deposits.

Raihan from OnceUponImages

When Raihan texted me their studio address, I immediately told the other half, “Wedding vendors suka kerja kat tempat pelik-pelik eh?” because the previous time I met Nora Zee, her office was at Chiku Road and it was the first time I ever heard of such a road, heh. OnceUponImages’s studio was situated at Ubi Industrial Park and I thank my lucky stars that the other half is so gifted in looking for weird, unknown places because yours truly can’t read maps for nuts.

Talking to Raihan proved that we had made the right choice in engaging their videography services. He was very interested in how we met each other and crafted a cheeky smile because he said he already had some ideas on how to storyboard our video. He made us feel really comfortable and I was expecting myself to do most of the talking because the other half is kind of reserved but lo and behold, he did most of the talking while I just sat and listened, haha.

We had chosen the Diluso package, which was frankly, sufficient for us.


And I’m sure most of you have seen their latest work – Arin & Eldila – The Proposal.

Arin & Eldila – The Proposal from OnceUponImages on Vimeo.

Sweet hor. Raihan let us watch this on his iPad. Just when I was about to comment how sweet Arin was to come up with such an idea, the other half interjected my silent thoughts by saying,

“Proposal also need video? Then bila kahwin video lagi?”

Aiyoooooooo. For memories sake, cannot meh?

Hafizah from Purple Plumtree

Meeting Kak Fizah at her home proved my above mentioned theory right – Vendors suka tinggal tempat pelik-pelik (pelik by my standards because I stay in the West hiakhiak). We met her at Punggol and had the opportunity to browse through her latest works. I could tell the other half was impressed because he kept telling me gambar dia snap semua cantik!

She explained to us on the various packages (which are affordable, by the way) and we decided to go with The Wedding Affair, priced at $1500.


Until 31 May, she is having an anniversary promotion!


Which means our package is actually below our initial budget! Alhamdulillah, rezeki!

Aidil from Comel Molek

We met Abg Aidil yesterday at his cousin’s place at Tampines. His cousin’s place was so cosy and fantastically furnished that I couldn’t help but ogle at the awesome home decor while talking to him. It didn’t help that I have shifty eyes also, chet.

We loved talking to Abg Aidil. He gave us a lot of tips in choosing our wedding vendors and to watch out for hidden costs because some vendors do practise that. I love the fact that he is transparent about his business and he is genuine in making couples happy with Comel Molek’s services.

By the way, did you know that his cousin (who is also his business partner, Abg Lan) owns SEVEN cats? I am in love with cats. If I weren’t a teacher, I would be cat woman volunteering my time with the cat welfare society. And I have 4 kitties at home so to hear that Abg Lan brings home stray cats to call his own, made me love them even more.

Then Abg Aidil told us how the name Comel Molek came about.

Comel Molek is the name of Abg Lan’s first two cats!

If there was a hidden camera somewhere, I swear you would see how my face instantly lit up and how I grinned from ear to ear like a Cheshire Cat upon hearing that. I squeezed the the other half’s hand and said, “We made the right choice. It’s fate.”

Hahahaha. Merepek right.

We were ecstatic just listening to what Comel Molek has to offer and the other half dengan tak sabarnya told Abg Aidil that we wanted full ceiling deco with the centerpiece as well.

Groomzilla alert, yo!

So from now until September next year, we would have to think about what colour theme would work in our favour and which concept we want. I have a feeling I already have a confirmed concept in mind but we’ll see how it goes πŸ™‚

Here are some of my personal favourites from Comel Meow Molek (oh how I love cats):






I love the drawers on the dais. Don’t ask why eh, I just love looking at them. Hahaha.

There you go. My update after two weeks. Eleventhoctober, this is all for youuuuu *starts singing Janet Jackson’s song*

Tomorrow I will update on my weight loss journey pulak, woohoo!

17 thoughts on “busy bee.

  1. yang proposal video tu very sweet kan! reminded me of Nuffnang co-founder Tim’s proposal for blogger Audrey!!! http://vimeo.com/33507366

    good choice in choosing comel molek btw! sukaaa their dais and decor jugak, but you more cute lah suka their laci segala hahahahaha (my mamat ever saw tahta tiara’s laci laci thing and said boleh buat store rokok pengantin -___-)

    and alhamdullilah for the promo price for your photography!!! rezeki jangan ditolak hehe great to see your preps are going on great, babe! πŸ˜€

  2. I just died watching Tim’s proposal for Audrey! Kenapa ada manusia yang sangat sweet dalam dunia ni? Alamak btw yours also sweet la cos sampai propose kat roller coaster semua! πŸ™‚

    I love drawers! Especially white ones heh. Can simpan rokok and also makanan sekiranya lapar bila kat atas pelamin nanti.

    And thank you babe! All these wedding preps have been progressing well, thanks to your advice and suggestions at your blog! If you noticed your directory page stats ada tinggi sikit, that’s probably me hahahaha.

    • Lawa kan? And it’s reasonably-priced too! Hehe.

      Yes, I’m a teacher! That’s why kena kahwin in Dec. kalau ikutkan hati nak kahwin during non-peak period but apakan daya hahaha. You are too, kan? It’s Week 8 already, babe! πŸ™‚

  3. hahahaha thanks you thanks you dedicate lagu janet jackson untuk i!!

    eh you teacher?! cheat my feelings sak aku really thought you barista (and hence the double shift comment) hahahahah!

    anyway, awesome progress yo! agree to the part on the pelik places..for cost-efficiency kot? if office dorang kat orchard rd, mesti package price kita dari 4 digits naik 5 digits LOL

    and i love your vendor choices…pandai you pick diamonds in the rough eh? macam i kes malas nak research2…i just take whoever that has decent reputation hahahaha

    • Babe! My blog header besau-besau kat atas –> Wedding Planning of Two Ex-Baristas.. you tak nmpk? Hahah omg so funny ah you.

      Hehehehe I memang pandai, lol. for my case, the reputable vendors are out of my price range so must research on the next best thing yo! Omg I sound like a cheapskate bride eh. But I really like benda-benda murah. Sanitary pads I beli yang murah, as long as its between 35cm to 41cm HEHEHE.

    • Hello babe!! *waves*

      Heheh sorry laaaa you kena tunggu, work has been a bummer! Bila nak update blog je nanti katil wave kaki and start panggil2 nama I hahaha.

      Alhamdulillah thank you! I love Comel Meow Molek very much heh. Who’s your decor vendor, babe?

  4. hehe kalau semua orang senang, kenapa nak lambatkan lagi? πŸ˜‰ and yayyyy I can’t help but feel happy that another bride also engaged OnceUponImages for videography! Raihan is really talented okayy, glad he’s receiving the credit he deserves!

    • Hello awak!!

      I really really love your choice of photographer – I’ve admired their works even before I planned to get married! But too bad la I wont have time to meet her at JB I were to engage her. But you did and I’m so happy! Cant wait to see your wedding pics πŸ™‚

      And Raihan is so talented! I’m glad I engaged him as well heh.

  5. Hallo hallo dear. I was always wondering where that comel molek name came from lol! I hooked them up with my guys side and of all things Abang/Cik( I still dnt knw nak panggil apa) Lan knows my FFIL n FMIL.LOL But good choice with CM. They were my 2nd choice after KS and they really take pride in their work. Somehow I noticed guy vendors really really do amazing work. Lady vendors too but the guys in the industry are AHMAZING also. Hope all is going great with your planning. Really enjoy reading your entries πŸ™‚

    • Hello Nadiah! Thank you for taking the time to read my entries heh.

      I really, really love CM’s work! The more they post about the weddings they do, the more excited I am to meet them next year to discuss abt mine seh, haha. I hope your wedding planning is going great too! *pops party poppers*

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