pom pom.

I have always been obssessed with bunga pahar pom pom, especially after seeing how successful Rina and Hidayah have DIY-ed theirs! In my mind there is a vision of those pastel-coloured bunga pom poms sitting on my future dais and to achieve that vision, I’d first have to convince my Mother that such bunga pom poms are do-able! We went to Ikea the other night to shop for her bedframe and alang-kepalang dah kat sana, I bought a pack of red coloured tissue papers as well. My main motive was to try and DIY bunga pom poms but Mother thought I bought them cos we’re running low on dining table tissue papers.

“Beli ni untuk apa? Macam tau aje tissue kat rumah dah nak habis.”
“Nak buat bunga pom pom.”
“Pom pom? Oh, kakak nak gantung kat bilik ke?”
“Tak. Nak test untuk bunga pahar.”

My parents’ theory is that kalau buat kad jemputan, bunga pahar or bunga rampai lawa-lawa, orang akan buang jugak. I BEG TO DIFFER! So I am planning to show the following images for my Mother’s consideration. She is DIY queen of the house so hopefully terbukak hatinya untuk DIY my bunga pahar bila tiba masanya.





Images from Oh Pretty Please

Look at how pretty the pastel-coloured bunga pahar pom poms are! So sweet-looking I macam nak cium-cium laptop screen ni sekarang.

By the way, where do you BTBs go to in JB to purchase kahwin-kahwin stuff? I only know Angsana that has a few shops selling those but what about other places?

18 thoughts on “pom pom.

  1. Wow, I’ve been so missing from the btb world updates and ni kali pertama nampak this pompom bunga pahar… Lawanya!!!!!! I pun nakkk!! Hahahhaa..

    • Lawa kan kan kan! I love them so much sampai berangan nak all these on my pelamin! Hopefully my berangan materializes, heh.

      You dah update belum? I tk sabar nak baca yours!

  2. cantik! do it babe! hahaha. i did mine halfway then rasa mcm alah.. beli aje lah. hahahaha. let the pros do it.

    bought my bunga pahar from angsana, and recently my mum tgh kemarok nak pergi ayer hitam, somewhere in jb jugak. tu mcm paradise for her. hahahaha.

      • hahahah mcm movie apa tahh..yang boy tu cakap ITS SO FLUFFAAYYY I COULD DIE!!!! sama ah gitu. hahah n yes, sekian lama i stalk dorang, baru dorang accept friend request i…lebih stalking la nampaknya cam ni! hehehe and they did give me very very reasonable qoutations for both deco n catering seh…

  3. ah yes!! esp their catering! These days its so hard to get that kind of price! but the thing is, I dont know if the food is nice and all that. the deco mmg boleh tahan babe! heheheh susah betol nak buat choice yer!!

  4. hi hi, i just saw this entry! maklumlah, i dah lama tak stalk BTB blogs pasal nanti rambang mata and all the “what could i have done differently?” feelings semua datang. hahaah.

    anyway, Daiso sells those ready made pompom flowers dear, just buy and un-fluff them babe! it is $2 for a pack of.. 14. 🙂 there are a few colors, so you tak payah stress stress nak fold to the correct size. believe me, not as easy as it sounds! hahahahaha. all the best with wedding planning babe.

  5. Hi BrideBarista..thank you for posting my tissue flowers on your blog. Happy that you like it. Looking forward on your posts. Very creative! Keep it up!

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