I’ve watched this video 13465638273 times already! It’s so funny although I’m throughly confused by the pastor (is that what he is called?). Tu joget apa tu?!

This is so hilarious that I actually thought of doing this after my nikah. But for sure I will be the only one doing this because of a few reasons:

1) Takkan Kadi nak ikut joget? Hahahaha.

2) The other half doesn’t like to embarrass himself this way.

3) According to the other half, “my family consists of well-mannered people.”

Ah, such a happy thought will remain as a thought, I suppose!


ai yem back!

Dari hujung rambut sampai ke hujung kaki, saya mohon ampun dan maaf sebab dah lama sangat tak update! Hahahaha. I was so naive to even think that during the June school holidays, I would actually blog, padahal tak switch on laptop pun! Brought home the school laptop but it ended up being stashed away in a tote bag, which was kept in my work bag in a box behind my door!

Amat sorry seh to those who visited my site only to realise that si cikgu malas ni tk update rupanya. Especially to EleventhOctober yang sampai email semua (nasib baik dia tk send death threat hahaha):


I love her loyar buruk and wittiness the most. Dont worry babe, my jari jemari still intact.

Here was what I did during the holidays, in a nut shell:

1) Zumba
2) Dance Fitness
3) KL
4) Baggage Battles marathon
5) Shipping Wars marathon
6) Say Yes to the Dress marathon
7) A bit of wedding planning
8) Not a single school work done

The only wedding planning/discussion which we had was with regards to our photobooth. My colleague had kindly said that she was more than willing to sponsor my guestbook (thanks babe!!) and my sister has volunteered her services to DIY our photobooth because according to her, “Yang boleh DIY, no need to spend money!”

Give me some time to consolidate my thoughts for the next entry because there were quite a substantial number of wedding stories I’ve heard over the holidays! Oh the horror!