rockpixs rocks.

Assalammualaikum, BTBs! Am I going to get flak for not updating as regularly as before? I truly apologise for my long absence, although I had previously pointed out that I won’t abandon my blog anymore. After my last blog entry in July, I was so swamped with various commitments and I had no choice but to have a short hiatus from the BTB world.

In Shaa Allah, now I will be back for a while because I have settled most of the work needed by the school (for now) and am thoroughly pleased to share with you about a particular vendor that I had come across while scouring for photobooth services for the upcoming Teachers’ Day Dinner!

Presenting…. Rockpixs Studio-X!

Let me show you some of their work:

rock 1

rock 2

rock 3

rock 4

rock 5

rock 6

On top of the stunning pictures, I was (and still am) very impressed with how prompt their replies were! I contacted Alaina this morning to enquire if Rockpixs was still available during our Teachers’ Day Dinner come September and she replied with such an upbeat disposition, I was sold. There is nothing more I would want than to work with people with good customer service!

Their package includes:

– Customise layout and selection – May include own theme/logo

– Unlimited shoots and prints with 4R Epson glossy paper

– Fun and creative props provided for use at the event

– Two on-site personnel to assist the guests

– Envelopes provided

– CD-R with all the photos taken during the event will be given

– Photos will also be uploaded on Facebook to allow easy viewing and downloads

In addition, their services are reasonably-priced as well. We are allowed to choose the number of poses and the wordings we would like for each layout, by the way. Yay!

If anyone is interested in their quotation, feel free to ask me 🙂

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