The other half and I had such a nasty argument on Monday. I labeled it as nasty because we were sending each other messages along the lines of ‘We shouldn’t get married’ and ‘Let’s call off the wedding’.

We didn’t contact each other after that (although I did keep checking on his last seen timings on whatsapp to make sure he was still alive, and whether he changed his profile photo that had our picture on it – freaky jugak aku ni).

This morning, I had the sudden urge to wake up before the alarm went off:


He didn’t reply so I immediately called him and I had never been more glad to hear his voice! Apparently it was a chain collision at KJE toward PIE.

I cried like a baby after that. Tiba-tiba teringat pasal Cory Monteith (I am still upset over his death cos I am a huge MonChele fan) and I told myself, I cant bear to lose the other half! Then I remembered about the argument we had on Monday and I felt stupid thereafter.


We are okay now; I even lent him my iPad so that he can spend his time playing PVZ 2.

What have I learnt after this whole ordeal?

Never, never take anything for granted.

4 thoughts on “vroom.

  1. It’s very scary feeling kan when you found out that your other half got into an accident. I know how it feels..happens to me like 3 or 4 times..every time it happens..cume tuhan je yang tau how worried I am. Treat every day as your last..settle arguments and probs before the day ends 🙂

  2. I feel you too. mine is one after another. this year. first the bf. then my dad. then my sis. all bike related. nangis sampai hingus2 keluar. burok! and I thought im just jinxed to be getting married, and it’s this month! macam nak cancel pon ade but another sis told me, ni semua cobaann..

    never fail to include in my prayer all time, to keep my loved ones safe and sound.

    glad all is fine on your side. takmo gadoh2 nasty lagi okay 😉

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