BTBs who are still scouring for vendors for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding, please do read Farhana’s latest entry.

I know some might say, “Yek eleh dekni! Orang lain punya wedding apa…. Kenapa emo sangat?!” But I have always been an emotional person. I put myself in other people’s shoes without any qualms, and sadly today, my heart is with the couple who was affected by the missing vendor on their wedding day.

I told my other half about this and he was in disbelief that at this modern age and time, people are still going around cheating unsuspecting victims who place their trust in them. To quote my other half’s words….

….”If this happened to us, I akan nangis dulu. Lepas tu baru I cari penipu tu sampai ke lubang cacing. Pergi rumah dia, simbah cat and darah babi.”

I hope the couple is feeling wee bit better now as compared to this morning. Ada hikmah di sebalik ni semua, In Shaa Allah.




Korang, please be careful. As we speak, I am texting Raihan and it hurts to say that the bride is really not going to have her wedding today.

Like what I told Raihan and my close friends, “Orang ni semua tk fikir ke that one fine day, their anak cucu cicit is gonna get married?!”

Now I’m gonna cry cos I really, really feel for the couple.


tell me.

Those with sisters, tell me. How do you feel if your sister places her bookshelf and things in your room without asking you? And to add, you just spring-cleaned your room yesterday.

Do you:

A) Feel upset because she should at least have the courtesy to ask first before doing so?

B) Feel nonchalant about it because it is her engagement tomorrow?

Right now I feel horrible because I respect her personal space so much that I don’t even go to her room to borrow her comb, let alone put my things in her room without asking her.

Ask. Ask. What is so hard about sending me a whatsapp message informing me that she needed to tumpang her bookshelf in my room AND put her gazillion things in my wardrobe? When she needed my help in contacting bakers and vendors for her engagement tau pulak nak whatsapp berkali-kali.



what’s cooking?

Some of my family and friends thought that I went on a crash diet and avoid food just to lose weight. Ya Rabbi, don’t they know that I love food tooooo much to even avoid them?

So I finally came up with a solution. I will snap pictures of the food I eat and shove show it to them if they ever assumed that I am losing weight the wrong way.

This was my dinner for today:


I marinated cod fillet in Nandos’s hot chilli sauce plus a sprinkle of salt and grilled them using Happycall pan. Steamed egg tofu and french beans as sides. Food is not complete without….


My mother’s sambal kicap, yummy.

Meal was definitely filling, although this mouth is itching for some good, seedless green grapes. Nanti pergi Sheng Siong beli ah.

Since I’m at the topic of healthy eating, I wanna share this app that I find very useful in my weight loss journey:


All Recipes Video Cookbook is a perfect tool for visual learners like me who can never get recipes right just by reading the ingredients and instructions. This app allows me to search for recipes with such ease, that I’ve ditched my Ellen marathon on Youtube and watch this every night before going to bed. Sorry seh Ellen.

They show you step-by-step on preparing the recipes and also provide suggestions to improve it along the way. my personal favourite is the stuffed mushrooms because I love mushrooms so much, I would marry it if it was a guy (then must change url to bridecendawan).


And one plus point which I really love – they actually show the calories for each recipe, yippee!


Awesome tak? But the only downside is that this app is only downloadable via iTunes 😦

7 more kg to go! Now I know what “So near, yet so far” means.


10 ‘O’

The past weekend, my family had two weddings to attend. So my eyes macam a pair of hawk, taking mental notes of the decor, the food and the likes! I didn’t take pictures because paiseh ah hahah.

BTBs who are planning to choose Doulath or have already chosen Doulath as their caterer, may I congratulate you babes for making a superb choice? Their food was delicious tahap maksima – even my mother, whose tastebuds is hard to please, kept raving about the food! I was very, very pleased with their sambal goreng pengantin and their dalcha!

Yay to good food!

Okay dah, tu aje hehe.


mane and tail.

A short one!


If anyone’s wondering where you can buy Mane and Tail shampoo for hair growth, go to Guardian! They are currently having a promotion where you can buy two for $25.80 🙂

Right now they also have the herbal gro type that smells oh so good! So much better-smelling as compared to the previous one (blogged here). I feel that my hair ‘reacts’ better with this so I’m using this now, yay!


weight (not much) woes.


Tomorrow will be the 8th month I have been on my weight loss journey and I am loving the results so far (if only I can show pictures to you guys nyehehe)!

https://bridebarista.wordpress.com/2013/03/30/weight-woes/ –> when I lost 12kg.

https://bridebarista.wordpress.com/2013/05/14/weight-woes-part-deux/ –> when I lost 19kg.

As of today, I have lost a total of 26kg. Alhamdulillah, syukur! Honestly, I am loving my current lifestyle so much. I enjoy waking up early to prepare a filling breakfast and if I have the extra time, I would whip up,a quick healthy lunch to pack to work as well. Dinner will be simple – muesli bars with yogurt or fruits with vitasoy, before I start tutoring from 7 to 9pm.

Clothes wise? Never in my life would I imagine getting to wear S-sized clothing. Just yesterday I dropped by Bershka (they are having crazy, crazy sale!) and grabbed a few sizes of the same type of blouse, only to realize that S fit me perfectly.

I shouted, “Baik ah!!” in the changing room and walked out with muka kucing Cheshire.

Right now, I am trying to set a consistent exercise routine during weekends, on top of my long walks on weekdays. A bit of a challenge to achieve that for now, but hey, when there’s a will, there’s a way 🙂

Note to self: 8 more kg to go!