tell me.

Those with sisters, tell me. How do you feel if your sister places her bookshelf and things in your room without asking you? And to add, you just spring-cleaned your room yesterday.

Do you:

A) Feel upset because she should at least have the courtesy to ask first before doing so?

B) Feel nonchalant about it because it is her engagement tomorrow?

Right now I feel horrible because I respect her personal space so much that I don’t even go to her room to borrow her comb, let alone put my things in her room without asking her.

Ask. Ask. What is so hard about sending me a whatsapp message informing me that she needed to tumpang her bookshelf in my room AND put her gazillion things in my wardrobe? When she needed my help in contacting bakers and vendors for her engagement tau pulak nak whatsapp berkali-kali.


8 thoughts on “tell me.

  1. I dont have a sister but if it was me, i will be option (a) …reason being-simple, i respect her space and I am very reasonable… you just need to ask.. but sadly if just by asking is even not done, i will be fuming mad . I will make sure my sister will feel bad and leart from this. 🙂

    • My sentiments exactly! But it seems like this respecting of personal space is not her thing? She just placed a hanger of shawls and 4 big cushions in my room. I sampai dah tknk kemas bilik lagi dah.

      • Hmmm… i kno wat u meant.. if it was me i just wait til her engagement is over cand then dump everything back in her room… she got no more excuse. Then i will reprimand her and make her feel guilty. Grr.

  2. I think my sisters has the same experience as you during my pre-engagement period… I had to dump my 2 almari, unnecessary boxes at her room… The good thing here is I told them now and then before the engagement so they wouldn’t be so terperanjat when their room is overload.ed with my stuff but as a sign of respect, I didn’t practically campak everything, I made sure things were still neat and tidy…

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