Korang, please be careful. As we speak, I am texting Raihan and it hurts to say that the bride is really not going to have her wedding today.

Like what I told Raihan and my close friends, “Orang ni semua tk fikir ke that one fine day, their anak cucu cicit is gonna get married?!”

Now I’m gonna cry cos I really, really feel for the couple.

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  1. omg that is so sedih!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so mean and so dengki and so tak baik

    please reveal the decor company’s name! and now macam mana, just cancel bulat bulat gitu and inform the guests by phone??? urgh, hate it when this kind of thing happens 😦

  2. Babe, the whatsapp convo between Raihan and the bride was even more sad to read. She even apologized to Raihan cos she had to cancel his photog services tau babe. Padahal bukan dia pun yang bersalah. 😦 I will email you the decor company’s name okay. Mesti you akan marah sampai panjat meja semua.

  3. Yes..i think its the same bride that my mom heard over the radio early morning today….one of her aunt had to go call Warna Fm just tohelp her family tell everyone that majlis was cancelled…. i feel the pain and pinch too….such a sad thing to happen… i really would wanna find out which company is that….so blardy inconsiderate.

  4. Omg which company? Seram nye! Tak baik lah these ppl do these kinds of merepek stuff macam as if the family and bride/groom don’t hv enough on their minds already -.- goshhhh.

    • Check your email, babe πŸ™‚

      And yes I do agree that this is actually unnecessary stress on the couple and their families! Padahal raja and pemaisuri sehari should be relaxed on their wedding day 😦

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  6. Thank you for sharing this with our fellow BTBs. As a service provider and a married man myself, this is disheartening to hear and even know that one of my fellow wedding photographer’s client was cheated on her wedding day itself. Luckily she managed to have her nikah and a little bit of an outdoor shoot 1 month prior to the incident or else she and her hubby would have felt even more devastated.

    This incident only serves to tell us that we cannot be complacent with our research. Companies like this give us wedding vendors a bad name even if its just small minority of maybe 0.01% but that percentage is still a big number.

    I’ve heard of BTBs who hired malaysian companies who, upon the day itself, would call up the BTB saying they were stuck in immigration and would not be allowed into Singapore. And the affected couple would have to call their friends to help out with the capturing of their affected day with cameras using kit lenses.

    This company was first known to us by my friend who is one of the best in singapore, and when our photographer community saw his convo with his BTB, we were enraged by this act.

    Even from my experience from my wedding 2 years ago, my wife had engaged a wedding decor company recommended by a dj and the decision to use them was influenced by my MIL. So we had paid our deposit of $1k and 1 week before our wedding, we could not contact them. As I was busy with my business, my wife and my MIL handled the situation and engaged Maria J for last minute decor which luckily she was able to accept us. Until know my wife has not told me who that company was cause she knows that I am the type of person who will seek justice till the ends of the earth. The wedding DJ constantly apologized to us for his “friend” he didn’t know would do this to us.

    So the best way to avoid this situation is to do research, research, research. There are atleast 10 wedding blogs in singapore. Do your research and your wedding day will not be affected.

    – Raihan, Principal Photographer & Cinematographer, OnceUponImages

    • No prob, Raihan. Future brides must know about this. And i do agree with you – Research is the most important step in wedding planning. I used to think I was too obssessed with reading reviews after reviews after reviews about wedding vendors that I love but then I realised, I should be doing that to prevent such unfortunate incidents from happening.

      I hope this saga will not repeat itself in the future. My heart still goes out to the bride and groom affected 😦

  7. I myself feel sorry for them. I even cried after reading the newspaper and the pictures and video that was shared by my friends via facebook. It’s really heartbreaking. I can’t believe they are so heartless to do such things.

    If you don’t mind, can email me the company’s name too? I have to share this to everyone i know that is getting married. Thank you.

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