BTBs who are still scouring for vendors for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding, please do read Farhana’s latest entry.

I know some might say, “Yek eleh dekni! Orang lain punya wedding apa…. Kenapa emo sangat?!” But I have always been an emotional person. I put myself in other people’s shoes without any qualms, and sadly today, my heart is with the couple who was affected by the missing vendor on their wedding day.

I told my other half about this and he was in disbelief that at this modern age and time, people are still going around cheating unsuspecting victims who place their trust in them. To quote my other half’s words….

….”If this happened to us, I akan nangis dulu. Lepas tu baru I cari penipu tu sampai ke lubang cacing. Pergi rumah dia, simbah cat and darah babi.”

I hope the couple is feeling wee bit better now as compared to this morning. Ada hikmah di sebalik ni semua, In Shaa Allah.

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