honey, bring me to the moon.


Disclaimer: A Santorini sounds like it could be a name of a chocolate. Or a name of a drink at a bar.

And this resulted in me sleeping at 2am. Well, we both know that Santorini for honeymoon is a no-go because it will need massive planning. So this might just be a holiday we can plan for during my 2015 or 2016 school holidays.

To make matters confusing (in a good way, of course), I fell in love with Maldives after reading Farhana’s update on her honeymoon! That is so mine and my fiance’s kind of holiday – relaxing, laid back and away from the hustle and bustle of any busyness. Apakah maksud ni semua, hahaha.

Then it suddenly dawned on me. What happened to our initial plan of a Bali honeymoon?


I can imagine myself just lazing over here, enjoying the breeze with the love of my life. Heh, miang.



If anyone has gone to Bali for their honeymoon, please do share how it is 🙂


wait, weight.

I am currently 59kg.

On some days my mind would be brought back to the time I was 90kg heavy – unhappy, unhealthy and undeniably embarrassed to face people or to have my pictures taken. 

I am contented to be where I am right now – happy, healthy and confident socially and emotionally. Now I am praying I will be able to maintain this weight because the wedding is….. Less than 11 months away, gasp!