up, up and away.

After much deliberation on which villa to book for our honeymoon, we finally have decided on Dura Villas Bali, Seminyak! This was after countless of emails to various villas, enquiring on their shuttle services, whether they serve Halal food and also plenty of read-ups on their online reviews. We found our chosen villa to be the best among the short listed ones :p




We had our eyes and hearts set on their one-bedroom villa, considering the fact that we can’t wait to lounge by the pool while eating kacang cap tangan like orang kaya, hahaha. Furthermore, it’s going to be our honeymoon, so why not?

One plus point that I must share regarding this villa is their impeccable customer service thus far. I pm-ed them on their Facebook and they replied within the same day, requesting for my email address so that they will be able to communicate with me. The next day, they emailed me, asking for flight details as they will be arranging free airport pick-up! Alhamdulillah for the rezeki!

As I am an Agoda member, I was entitled to their insider deal. Hence, for 5 nights, including tax and service charge, their one-bedroom pool villa only costs $667. Within budget – checked!

Flight wise, we were initially bent on Jetstar as their flights to Bali were the cheapest among the other budget airlines. One fine night, I felt the sudden urge to check out Singapore Airlines and Garuda Airlines. To my surprise, flights to Bali cost $800 for the former and $700 for the latter! Jetstar, a budget airline, cost $704 -.-

Obviously, Jetstar out of the running.

The next day, felt the sudden urge again to check out Garuda’s special offers and chanced upon this:


I literally did the chicken dance in my room! Alerted K and we immediately booked it on the spot. Alhamdulillah for the rezeki once more, my awesome dad insisted that he pay for the flight tickets as a wedding gift for the both of us. So for us two, flight to Bali including taxes and fees cost $446. Within budget – checked!

Yay to insider deals, special offers and a loving dad 🙂

4 thoughts on “up, up and away.

  1. I’ve been to Bali 5 times and I fall in love with it each time! Always check Garuda first cos of their deals! You will definitely enjoy yourself in Bali, plus your villa looks amazing la!! Don’t forget to go beach hopping, one day care rental only $50!!!

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