meet the vendor(s) part two.

Our wedding invites have already been collected. Before that, let me do a little storytelling okay.


K and I went for our interview in late August because since he was on exam leave and I wasnt working that day, might as well get the wedding invites settled on that day itself. Killing two birds with one stone, they say. I wont go into details regarding the interview but here are some bullet points to summarise our trip to ROMM:

1) We reached at 8.45am and were second in line.

2) The ustaz interviewed my dad, followed by K and then me.

3) No, he didnt ask us to hafal any surah. He just asked questions with regards to the wedding such as who our chosen kadi was, why we decided to do ours at Woodlands when I lived at Jurong, so on and so forth.

4) After that he asked if my mum was outside waiting. I said yes. He said,”Panggil mak awak masuk sekejap boleh?”

5) I was shocked.

6) My mum took the longest time in the interview room.

7) Apparently the ustaz was asking my mum on the details of my birth. So my mum being my mum, also cerita panjang lebar on how she had high fever when she was 7 months pregnant with me, how she had given birth to me via caesarian and the likes.

We left at 9.20am and made our way to Aiman Cafe for breakfast.

After K left to go to school for his exams, my parents and I then went across the causeway to Pandan Uptown Market because that was where Adam Hawa Kreatif is located. Arrived there and saw a couple before us who were looking around at the card displays. My parents and I immediately sat in front of the salesgirl because we already knew what we wanted.

Prior to the trip, I had liaised with them through FB to enquire about the cost of printing 1000 cards on A5 260gsm. They quoted me RM400 and threw in a free bunting so I was quite pleased because I am a sucker for freebies heh.

So I was attended to this salesgirl who looked quite flustered, probably because she was the only one handling the store. After filling in the order form, i gave her my thumbdrive with the intent of showing her the design that I already have. Sadly, the computer wasnt updated and couldnt read my ZIP folder file.

–> If you’re planning to print your cards there, please consider emailing your card design to them instead. Dont waste your time bringing thumbdrive and all.

By that time, I was already on bridezilla mode because the place was so stuffy and the salesgirl forgot to switch on the aircon. Furthermore she was even more flustered because there was another couple who came to purchase photobooth props.

–> If you’re planning to print your cards there, please consider going between 9 to 12am because they open from 7pm to 1am (I came at 7 sharp). I am sure there will be more than one staff handling the store between 9 to 12am.

The salesgirl attending to us, was in a bad mood. Apparently she had a conflict with one other colleague and looked distraught and inattentive to what I had to say.


That was my face at that point of time. Mind you, my face is seldom like this.

I thank my lucky stars that another person came in. Her name was Ain. She quickly settled the couple who were buying the props and the couple who was done choosing their card design. Then she came over and stood beside the flustered/distraught/inattentive salesgirl and understood whatever I was trying to say since the start.

(All I was trying to explain to the other salesgirl was that there wasnt any mother’s name to be placed in the card for K’s side and that we are both using the same wedding invites)

So everything settle kan? Wanted to pay deposit already.

Remember I was quoted RM400 for A5 size? There and then Ain informed me that for A5 it was actually RM600!


My face:


Then the moment came. They said RM400 was the price for A5 size kecik. Wah, my teacher mode came on okay. A5 is A5, mana ada A5 kecik or besar?!

I think Ain saw my face mcm nak tumbuk orang already so she threw in free directional arrows, in line with my wedding card design.

–> If you’re planning to print your cards there, please consider making sure Ain is there.

Here is a sneak preview of my card:


Cannot reveal my wedding colour theme because it’s a surprise! I think at this point only Ili knows since I sent her my card design right after HocusPocus sent it to me!

So ya guys that’s the story of my cards. *cues One Direction’s Story of My Life song*


Actually, they are not that bad la. Ain corresponded with me via whatsapp after that day and her replies were prompt and friendly. Just that, maybe on the day I came coincidentally the flustered salesgirl had such a bad day and was very distraught? Give her benefit of the doubt lor.

But then again, who am I to complain so much since my dad is the one paying for the cards and furthermore….

1000 cards = RM600 = $235
1 card = RM0.60 = $0.24


#xixfxi @meomicatcafe

My Saturday afternoon was simple and fuss-free. I met up with my friend, Hidayu, at Serangoon because she has graciously agreed to accompany me to Ili’s wedding since K was working.

And we were both starving.

Reached the venue at 1pm (the place was easy to locate although we are both from the West and East side respectively), found seats easily and immediately made our way to the buffet line.


My plate full of protein since I do not take rice, heh. Needless to say, the food was really good! Every single one of the dishes, including the desserts were all very tasty! So lunch settle already kan? Snapped some pictures while waiting for Hidayu to finish her eclair.





Those lanterns on top were made of doily papers, coloured by the bride herself! And the pelamin…… Hidayu and I really loved it. Simple yet had so much character. This is what I call, a DIY wedding brought to a whole new level!

Psst, Ili. I am going to whatsapp you after your honeymoon to ask some questions – Be prepared :p

Hidayu and I made our way to Meomi Cat Cafe afterwards to lepak with the kittycats! I am going to end this entry with pictures because “they tell a thousand words” (hahaha clichè) and also partly because I am in a crowded train right now.













To visit Meomi Cat Cafe, click here 🙂


meet the vendors part one.

What did I do during the Hari Raya Haji public holiday? Did I sleep the whole afternoon away? Did I go on a Hell’s Kitchen marathon on youtube?


Note: I was sitting beside K’s dad, Cik Naina was on the same row as my dad and mum while Abg Lan was on his phone calling Kak Farrah from XOXO & Co, asking whether there’ll be enough chairs since I would require 80 more (thanks Abg Lan!).

Nooooo, instead we met up with Abg Lan from Comel Molek and Cik Naina from Naina Catering Services at Woodlands CC for recce and discussion. It was a gruelling 2 hours process and I must say it was a productive meeting indeed! It was enlightening to see how Abg Lan and Cik Naina come together to decide where the buffet lines would be best placed at and also how many tables would fit my hebat guestlist of 2000pax.

I know right, 2000 pax is cray-cray. But give chance la, combined wedding mah? Heh.

Abg Lan had so much ideas to contribute when he saw my Lino decor inspiration board and that made me pretty excited nak kahwin! Hahahaha gatal eh. While the decor discussion was going on, my parents and K’s dad were busy discussing on the dishes with Cik Naina. My mum took 30 minutes to decide on which four kinds of kuih she would like while the rest of the men just waited. And waited. And waited. Hahahaha oh Mamaku.

On the same day, Raodah from Wishing Wand emailed me, requesting for the colour theme and design we would like for the photo jacket. Replied her email on the same day so that I can check that off the list!

Glad that this wedding planning is going somewhere, considering the fact that I am feeling a bit malas already when it comes to the wedding. Will be meeting Kak Nora Zee end of this month once she’s back from Netherlands (Netherlands!!!! I is jealous haha), In Shaa Allah 🙂

I wanted to come up with a checklist and probably put it here for easy reference but since my checklist is almost the same as dear twelvetwelvebliss (our weddings are just two days apart), I have been diligently following hers to see if I have anything else that needs to be done heheh.


one, two, buckle my shoe.

I have never given my wedding shoes any thought actually. If possible I would prefer to wear my Minnetonka shoes because comfort is key. But then…… I wont get into how my mother and sisters kept yapping away about how it would be nice for me to look tall yada, yada, yada.

My wedding shoes criteria:

1) Must not have high heels.
2) At least have a little bit of bling.
3) Cost less than $100.

Seem quite straightforward, right? But noooooo it wasnt easy at all. Most shoes that I had come across had either the perfect amount of bling but were too high for me or were of perfect height but didnt have that much bling.

So one Sunday evening, after having late dinner with K at Far East Plaza, we walked past Anna Nucci and on impulse, went in to take a look at their shoes. Apparently Anna Nucci has two stores there, just a shop apart of each other – one selling the normal collection while the other has the wedding collection.

Aunty (the sales supervisor who’s in her mid 50s) inmediately came up to me and asked if there’s was anything in particular I was looking for. As she spoke, I was holding a pair of gold blinged wedges which K quipped was a bit too high for me. Without wasting any time, Aunty took another pair of wedges in the exact same design but was ‘shorter’ (whats the antonym for high? Short eh?).

Tried it on, fit perfectly and it was so comfortable, I was beyond pleased! It met all of the criteria I had initially set and I left the shop a happy camper. One item checked off the wedding list!


Then again, I might just bring my Minnetonka to slip into in the midst of the wedding, since everyone else would be too preoccupied to notice my footwear :p