one, two, buckle my shoe.

I have never given my wedding shoes any thought actually. If possible I would prefer to wear my Minnetonka shoes because comfort is key. But then…… I wont get into how my mother and sisters kept yapping away about how it would be nice for me to look tall yada, yada, yada.

My wedding shoes criteria:

1) Must not have high heels.
2) At least have a little bit of bling.
3) Cost less than $100.

Seem quite straightforward, right? But noooooo it wasnt easy at all. Most shoes that I had come across had either the perfect amount of bling but were too high for me or were of perfect height but didnt have that much bling.

So one Sunday evening, after having late dinner with K at Far East Plaza, we walked past Anna Nucci and on impulse, went in to take a look at their shoes. Apparently Anna Nucci has two stores there, just a shop apart of each other – one selling the normal collection while the other has the wedding collection.

Aunty (the sales supervisor who’s in her mid 50s) inmediately came up to me and asked if there’s was anything in particular I was looking for. As she spoke, I was holding a pair of gold blinged wedges which K quipped was a bit too high for me. Without wasting any time, Aunty took another pair of wedges in the exact same design but was ‘shorter’ (whats the antonym for high? Short eh?).

Tried it on, fit perfectly and it was so comfortable, I was beyond pleased! It met all of the criteria I had initially set and I left the shop a happy camper. One item checked off the wedding list!


Then again, I might just bring my Minnetonka to slip into in the midst of the wedding, since everyone else would be too preoccupied to notice my footwear :p

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