#xixfxi @meomicatcafe

My Saturday afternoon was simple and fuss-free. I met up with my friend, Hidayu, at Serangoon because she has graciously agreed to accompany me to Ili’s wedding since K was working.

And we were both starving.

Reached the venue at 1pm (the place was easy to locate although we are both from the West and East side respectively), found seats easily and immediately made our way to the buffet line.


My plate full of protein since I do not take rice, heh. Needless to say, the food was really good! Every single one of the dishes, including the desserts were all very tasty! So lunch settle already kan? Snapped some pictures while waiting for Hidayu to finish her eclair.





Those lanterns on top were made of doily papers, coloured by the bride herself! And the pelamin…… Hidayu and I really loved it. Simple yet had so much character. This is what I call, a DIY wedding brought to a whole new level!

Psst, Ili. I am going to whatsapp you after your honeymoon to ask some questions – Be prepared :p

Hidayu and I made our way to Meomi Cat Cafe afterwards to lepak with the kittycats! I am going to end this entry with pictures because “they tell a thousand words” (hahaha clichè) and also partly because I am in a crowded train right now.













To visit Meomi Cat Cafe, click here 🙂

One thought on “#xixfxi @meomicatcafe

  1. hey babe, I just saw this! thank you for coming to the wedding and your pics all so nice! will steal them when im blogging for the wedding ok? LOL

    and i’m glad you enjoyed the food…tgk gambar makan tu tertiba macam nak makan biryani plak!

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