post wedding.

Come, come, let me share some stuff about #khairiamira141214 since Khairi has left for work and I have a bit of time before I make my way to the supermarket to buy barang dapur -.-

Friday, 12 December 2014





Nuryn (IG: @nuryneddy) a freelance henna artist from Syraskins, came at 3.30 to do my bridal henna. The whole process took close to three and a half hours! But I felt it was all worth it because I loved the end product and my family members loved how intricate the designs were and how meticulous Nuryn was.

After Nuryn left, my aunts, uncles and cousins came to help out in any way they could.



The night went amazing. People were telling me to just sit and watch and not do anything and since my hands and feet were still immobilised (hahaha), my uncle came and fed me ayam lemak and sambal goreng after my mum told him I hadnt had my dinner yet. I tell you, these privileges only apply when you are a bride. When your wedding is over, tkde orang yang akan suapkan makan hahahaha.

Khairi was the one who was constantly checking on our CC hall (since he stays 3 minutes away from the CC) and kept updating me on the progress via Whatsapp. Baik-baik tk nervous boleh jadi nervous pulak tiba-tiba.






I have to admit, at that point of time, it felt a little surreal that those things there were for our wedding. So Friday went by in a breeze. While my family members were cleaning up after our relatives left, I went to bed (you see how privileged a bride is!).

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Woke up in the morning and immediately checked on my henna stain (kesian, macam obssessed gitu):


This was 12 hours after removal. I happy tau with how it turned out. Nuryn mentioned that it will be darker the next day so yay.

My sisters then helped to collect the gift trays Diyanah did for Khairi and delivered them to his place. Since Khairi had difficulty back then looking for someone to do the trays for him, I engaged Diyanah (IG: #dulangsbydee) to do it for him. No regrets at all after seeing the gift trays!



My mum and I then went ahead to complete my gift trays while the rest were out.


I requested for my mum to do something really simple because that’s the way I like them, heheh.

My uncles came after that to help ship some things over to Khairi’s place and the CC. While they were there, my sister called and said she was so speechless by the hall decor because “it was so cantik nak mampus tau akak!” she said. By then my heart already berdentam-dentum okay. I remembered my hands turned sweaty and I couldnt sit still at home. My sister didnt send me any pictures because she wanted me to be surprised.

That evening Khairi came back from work (yes guyssss he still went to work a day before our wedding haha) and was at the CC hall with my uncles to see if there were any logistics that needed to be done. He said the decor was “lawa nak mampus, cantik macam you,” which really made me cair and tiba-tiba tk sabar nak kahwin hahahahaha. Coincidentally, Abg Lan texted me and asked if I wanted to see the dais. My hands were shaking!








My jaw dropped. This was exactly what I had pictured my dais to be. Different shades of green and teal, something rustic and elegant. Sampai cakap sayang Abg Lan semua tau. So that night, Khairi and I were texting each other until 2am because we couldnt fall asleep. My grandma kept going into the room to check on me and kept saying, “Astaghfirullahaladzim,” everytime she saw me on the phone. Takut mata bengkak, she said hahahaha.


*inserts ketawa miang*

Sunday, 14 December 2014

I woke up, went to the freezer and airfried some nuggets. I wasnt hungry, perhaps due to the anxiety plus excitement but a friend advised that by hook or by crook, I had to eat something before the wedding. While I was having my nuggets, my sister’s MUA came.

Kau tengok la. Siapa yang kahwin ni sekarang hahahahahaha.

At 7.15, Kak Nora Zee came with Kak Lina. Changed into my nikah outfit first and Kak Nora worked her magic on my bare face. I was pretty psyched to see how I would look like, considering that fact that I never wear make up at all. By 9, she was done and told me that I could go see myself in the mirror. Jantung nak terkeluar please.

I will now feed you with pictures taken by my sister before the nikah. Official pictures not out yet πŸ™‚




And then it was crunch time. Ustaz Md Khair came exactly at 10am (I love punctual people), sat beside Khairi and Ustaz was so swift and precise, I really have to thank him for that.


My mum next to me, holding my hand tight. I told myself prior to this that I will not cry. But after dah sah, my mum hugged me and sobbed uncontrollably, I also cry la. Okay dah halal! Here are some pictures:






Sanding time! πŸ™‚





This was apparently Khairi’s favourite outfit of the day, which was quite a shocker because he was adamant on not wearing songket initially. Glad he finally decided to wear because he looked so good!

Last outfit! :p




At the end of the day, we felt really appreciative and bersyukur that our wedding went really smoothly. We were on time in accordance with the planned itinerary and I’d have to say, there werent any hiccups, Alhamdulillah! After the wedding, Khairi and I came to a consensus that all these wouldnt be possible without the help of our family members, relatives and of course, the guests who came to celebrate our day with us.

Okay, vendor reviews coming right up! But before that, this entry wouldnt be complete without a before/after shot of myself, plus my favourite photo of the day, shot by the awesome Hafizah Yazed πŸ˜€



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    • Thank you dear πŸ™‚

      Yup ISHQ provides fresh flower bouquet. Kak Nora will always ask first before she does her bouquet for her brides. We can let her know if we have any colour or flower preferences.

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