hey baby.

Apart from being newly married…..

I am 14 weeks pregnant, Alhamdulillah. I really wasnt expecting this to happen so soon but since it’s rezeki dari Allah, kita terima dengan tangan terbuka 🙂

To be honest, I kind of suspected that I might be pregnant one week after school started. I was having these weird headaches at night and when I told my husband about it, his eyes would light up and he would go,”Ah, is it? You are pregnant eh?”

I would brush it off by saying that maybe it’s due to the constant travelling from Woodlands to go to work at Jurong. Kononnya macam tak expect much la but deep in my heart macam suspect that I might be pregnant.

It was on this one particular morning while on the way to the MRT station, I had this sudden urge to buy iced latte from Starbucks! I really wanted to have it to the point that I could taste it down my throat. And the thing was, the last time I had iced latte was during my part-time stint as a Starbucks barista 7 years ago! I became kind of confused but didnt make my way to Starbucks because I didnt have any cash with me, hahaha kesian.

So on the same day right after school ended, I texted my husband:

Seeing how he was so eager siap dengan smiley face lagi, I made a quick trip to purchase 2 pregnancy test kits at Watson. Went back home to check, left the pregnancy test kit on the dressing table and then started cleaning the room. After a few minutes, two lines appeared. 

I gasped, sat on the bed and stared into blank space for quite some time.

It really warmed my heart to see how he was so happy and grateful, MasyAllah.

Oh by the way, if any of you BTBs happen to “bunting pelamin” just like I did, get ready for people to go…..


“Wah, very fertile!” 

“Your husband marksman ah!”

Hahaha the last one -.-

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