baby’s 23 weeks.


That’s my 12-year old sister who insisted on taking this picture “to compare baby bumps” which was damn hilarious because she just ate MurtaBurger (basically burger in a murtabak) all by herself.

And yes, that’s my 23-week old baby bump, which has received ‘mixed reviews’ thus far. I have received comments aplenty from makciks asking questions like…

“Kecik nah perut?”

“Ni pregnant ke tk pregnant?”

Just to list a few. Initially I would just smile and say,”Takpe, janji baby sihat.” However after the same comments were given over and over again, I would just smile and say nothing because I am a human being and I do get tired listening to insensitive comments from insensitive people. 

I must admit, I do get worried sometimes when I think about my small baby bump. I would constantly rub my tummy asking,”Baby okay tak?” or even a “Baby, tak nak tendang Mama?” which, come to think of it, mcm a little bit psycho la actually hahaha.

However, meeting Dr Suzanna last month made me feel at ease. After a detailed scan, she mentioned that for 20 weeks, baby is just the right size and there’s still room for him/her to grow. Why him/her?

Because during the detailed scan, baby wouldnt show anything down there. Even after shaking my tummy a few times, all the sonographer could say was,” Aiya, not clear. Nehmind next month we scan again.” You should have seen my disappointed face having to wait for another 4 weeks to know baby’s gender. 

Which reminds me, next week would be my next appointment with Dr Suzanna, yay! Maybe I should selit some questions about why my baby bump is smaller than average as compared to other pregnant mummies.

Just to add, at 23 weeks, I am most probably the slackest (laziest maybe) mum-to-be ever. I havent bought anything for baby yet but searching online, nevertheless, has been an ongoing process. Yours truly, is currently in love with the Tula Posy Print!

Currently out of stock on Baby Carrier Singapore and maybe a blessing in disguise because I am still clueless about baby’s gender :p

Truth be told, reading supermummy blogs such as Rina’s and Dyan’s really helped a lot. I didnt know what a LennyLamb, a Tula or a Boba was until I read their blogs hahaha. And Ili has been awesome in blogging about her cheap baby purchases, which I may follow suit when I reach my… Third trimester, maybe? 

Future mum-to-bes, please dont be malas like me hor! Please be rajin like the abovementioned mummies to feel assured during your pregnancy, heheh. 
Here’s a clearer photo of my baby bump:


Yes la, small. But not cute meh?! Cute what.

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