baby’s 26 weeks.


Baby kicks a lot these days, especially between 7-9pm! When she kicks, I find myself giggling like a teenage girl who’s in love, MasyAllah. Every time I giggle, my husband knows that the baby is kicking and he would immediately put his hand on my tummy just to feel her kick. But every time he places his hand on my tummy, baby would stop kicking, haha. Bijak anak mama, heh.

The other night we were watching Exodus Kings and Gods at home and baby kicked so hard at frequent intervals that I started to laugh and coincidentally on screen were scenes of villagers getting killed. My husband turned to me with a flabbergasted look.

“Apa ni, orang kena bunuh pun you enjoy?” 

Now he thinks his wife is a sadist, tsk.

Anyway, I realized that now my husband is more loving and concerned when it comes to baby and me. Not that he wasn’t back then, but the level of love and concern portrayed has multiplied berkali-ganda. I’m not complaining though 🙂

For example, there was this particular night we were both lying on the bed surfing FB on our respective phones and I decided that I wanted to go to sleep so I kind of threw my phone on the side table but it slid and almost fell to the floor! Being the drama-mama me, I started to screech high-pitch as if I was the one falling off the bed. My husband shouted a, “KENAPA?!” and then like a hero Hindustan, suddenly dropped his phone and pulled me towards him cos he thought I was falling off the bed! I couldn’t stop laughing and told him it was my phone that was falling, not me. Member made a -.- face and then plonked himself back on the pillow. 

On rare sweet instances, when I’m already asleep (but still quite aware of the surroundings) when he returns home from work, he would kiss my tummy and whisper, “I sayang you and I sayang baby too.”

Hopefully this will stay until we’re 60, 70 years old, In Shaa Allah :p


the sabah quake.

I have been feeling forlorn and grief-stricken after hearing the news. Then this Chong kambing came and tripped my wire la please. He is speaking with so much gusto, I feel like giving him a good punch in his God-damn face.

First he labels teachers to be desperadoes who are hard-up for “paid” MOE holiday trips, then he questions whether teachers are trained to protect students or run for their own safety?

Seriously, if you see this guy outside, help me sekel dia please. Favour.


baby’s 25 weeks.

Baby is 25 weeks and baby is a…. Girl 🙂 But Dr Suzanna said to double confirm, we’ll do another scan in 3 weeks’ time just in case something appears in between baby’s legs, heh. Whatever it is, Alhamdulillah baby is well and doing fine.

You’ll find me blogging more often now that the June holidays have started. 
And you’ll find me blogging more and more about my baby since I am turning into a mak-mak by the seconds. I asked my mum if she was like me when she was pregnant with me 27 years ago. 

“Tak sekecoh kau,” she said. 

Everyday I’ll bug her with photos of baby items and being the mum she is, she’ll entertain me until yesterday she replied, “Buy the important ones first.” I think she cannot tahan already hahahaha. Already she has my 4 younger sisters to attend to and then kena layan si mak buyung ni lagi. 

Anyway, remember how I was blogging about owning the Tula in Plum Posy print here? Rina suggested that I join the SG Babywearing Swap group on FB which was such a good idea! I chanced upon two ladies who were selling their lightly-used Posy Print for $270 but after much consideration, I’d figure with that amount of money, I could have bagged a brand new Tula! And then jeng jeng jeng, I saw another lady selling her brand new Tula for $289:

Tula standard in palette print!

I then forgot about the Posy Plum print and decided to go with this one which I think is more appropriate if I have a son in a few years time (plan already, bagus). Besides, you can never go wrong with rainbow colours :p

Immediately pm-ed the lady who was selling it and enquired if the price was negotiable (tiba-tiba mama on a budget) and got this for $275 and collecting on Friday! So exciting! I probably have to shave off $100 if my husband or my parents ever asks about the cost but itu semua belakang kira.

That same night, I went on a shopping spree on… Qoo10 and Carousell. I’ll be honest, those websites are superb. They are lifesavers. What I bought in less than 2 hours:

1) Spectra 9+ Electric Double Breast Pump

On Qoo10, its original price was $159.90 but yesterday it was selling for $128! Immediately clicked to purchase without hesitation because I was already eyeing this for quite some time. I’m just hoping that the Baby Fair in July wont be selling this for $80 or something because I’ll just cry over there.

2) Hi-Bee Breastmilk Storage Bags 120pcs

For $23.40, $0.19 per piece. I thought since I’ve already bought the breast pump, might as well go all out and get the milk storage bags so it’ll be a load off my mind. 

3) Mybee Breastpads 200pcs

 To close the loop (hahaha loop habis), I went ahead to purchase these breastpads for $28.50, $0.14 cents per piece. Kononnya I’ve settled the breastfeeding main items la. Already have breast pump, breastpads and breastmilk storage bags mah? Then it dawned upon me that I’d have to buy nipple cream soon. 

4) Kate Spade Diaper Bag

For $50, okay la since it includes the diaper change mat sekali. My sister asked why it must be KS (probably thinking why suddenly so brand-conscious this mak buyung) to which I quickly quipped that I had sold ALL my Kate Spade bags before the wedding to so-called add to my wedding fund so to have this as my diaper bag to be used in a long run is nothing. Pandai eh menjawab.

Then that very night after ‘shopping’ at Qoo10 and Carousell, I saw this on FB:

Ah! Preorder items for baby! Managed to take note of items which I will preorder, after seeking my mum’s opinion.

I think they knew my obsession with Cocoa Butter Formula. 

Am planning to get bulky items such as stroller, bathtubs, etc and as my mum puts it, “Dont forget baby clothes as well.”

But already I want baby clothes like these:




Kesian baby. Belum apa-apa dah kena jadi watermelon all.



butterflies and takoyaki.


In light of the public holiday and to kick-start my June holiday, I ordered 2 dozens takoyaki with chicken, prawn and squid filling from Yummy Takoyaki. They were unbelievable! So so so delicious that baby wouldnt stop moving after that, haha. 

But eating it was like a game of pure luck since Yanie from Yummy Takoyaki had mixed all the flavours together in a container. I would take one, hoping it’ll be prawn but it’d turn out to be chicken and when my SIL hoped the one she took was chicken, she’d end up with squid. Stressful, I tell you.

So my husband came home from work  and while having dinner, I placed the remaining takoyakis on the table. Knowing how he loves prawns, I prayed the one that I took wasnt a prawn-filled takoyaki. #isteribaikalhamdulillah HAHAHAHA. But lo and behold, the first i took was a prawn one. I turned to him, gave the takoyaki to him and told him that he could have it since the prawn one was hard to find in the ‘sea of takoyakis in the container’.

He ate it, looked at me, smiled and what did he say?

“Hard to find. Just like you.”


How can someone still be so sweet even after 6 years together?! Butterflies bersepah dalam my perut!