butterflies and takoyaki.


In light of the public holiday and to kick-start my June holiday, I ordered 2 dozens takoyaki with chicken, prawn and squid filling from Yummy Takoyaki. They were unbelievable! So so so delicious that baby wouldnt stop moving after that, haha. 

But eating it was like a game of pure luck since Yanie from Yummy Takoyaki had mixed all the flavours together in a container. I would take one, hoping it’ll be prawn but it’d turn out to be chicken and when my SIL hoped the one she took was chicken, she’d end up with squid. Stressful, I tell you.

So my husband came home from work  and while having dinner, I placed the remaining takoyakis on the table. Knowing how he loves prawns, I prayed the one that I took wasnt a prawn-filled takoyaki. #isteribaikalhamdulillah HAHAHAHA. But lo and behold, the first i took was a prawn one. I turned to him, gave the takoyaki to him and told him that he could have it since the prawn one was hard to find in the ‘sea of takoyakis in the container’.

He ate it, looked at me, smiled and what did he say?

“Hard to find. Just like you.”


How can someone still be so sweet even after 6 years together?! Butterflies bersepah dalam my perut!

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