the sabah quake.

I have been feeling forlorn and grief-stricken after hearing the news. Then this Chong kambing came and tripped my wire la please. He is speaking with so much gusto, I feel like giving him a good punch in his God-damn face.

First he labels teachers to be desperadoes who are hard-up for “paid” MOE holiday trips, then he questions whether teachers are trained to protect students or run for their own safety?

Seriously, if you see this guy outside, help me sekel dia please. Favour.

5 thoughts on “the sabah quake.

  1. Honestly from my view.. its kinda true that primary school students shouldn’t be out there.. too young la.. i was a little shocked when i heard tt they are primarily school students.. i mean me myself was very active with overseas trips like that but that only started when i was in sec 3.. but then things like this klau nk jadi tk tgk umur pn kan..


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