baby’s 26 weeks.


Baby kicks a lot these days, especially between 7-9pm! When she kicks, I find myself giggling like a teenage girl who’s in love, MasyAllah. Every time I giggle, my husband knows that the baby is kicking and he would immediately put his hand on my tummy just to feel her kick. But every time he places his hand on my tummy, baby would stop kicking, haha. Bijak anak mama, heh.

The other night we were watching Exodus Kings and Gods at home and baby kicked so hard at frequent intervals that I started to laugh and coincidentally on screen were scenes of villagers getting killed. My husband turned to me with a flabbergasted look.

“Apa ni, orang kena bunuh pun you enjoy?” 

Now he thinks his wife is a sadist, tsk.

Anyway, I realized that now my husband is more loving and concerned when it comes to baby and me. Not that he wasn’t back then, but the level of love and concern portrayed has multiplied berkali-ganda. I’m not complaining though 🙂

For example, there was this particular night we were both lying on the bed surfing FB on our respective phones and I decided that I wanted to go to sleep so I kind of threw my phone on the side table but it slid and almost fell to the floor! Being the drama-mama me, I started to screech high-pitch as if I was the one falling off the bed. My husband shouted a, “KENAPA?!” and then like a hero Hindustan, suddenly dropped his phone and pulled me towards him cos he thought I was falling off the bed! I couldn’t stop laughing and told him it was my phone that was falling, not me. Member made a -.- face and then plonked himself back on the pillow. 

On rare sweet instances, when I’m already asleep (but still quite aware of the surroundings) when he returns home from work, he would kiss my tummy and whisper, “I sayang you and I sayang baby too.”

Hopefully this will stay until we’re 60, 70 years old, In Shaa Allah :p

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