baby’s 33 weeks.

That’s my other baby lying on my tummy, probably feeling upset that she’s not going to be our only baby anymore hahaha. The other night my husband carried her and told her, “You’re going to be a kakak soon!”

She wriggled her way out from my husband’s embrace, went downstairs and never came back up. Jealous much? :p

And I have pregnancy eczema 33 weeks into my pregnancy! A picture of my poor foot is below although viewer’s discretion is very much advised. Do not scroll if you are eating. Later muntah.

I feel like crying because it itched like crazy but I am not allowed to scratch the affected area. My husband insisted that scratching would cause the eczema to spread further but the thing is, even without scratching, there are now red marks and dots on my right thigh too 😦

I went to the polyclinic this morning and upon seeing the condition of my foot, the doctor dengan senang hati said, “Oh, this one confirm caused by pregnancy hormones. Pregnancy eczema. Other woman have it on their necks and hands etc. Yours on the leg.”

After which he said he’d prescribe me some pills to curb the itch and also a steroid cream to be applied on the leg. After waiting for 1.5 hours, the visit ended in less than 10 minutes. HAIZ.

If only my kaki can have pregnancy glow as well. Can? Please please.




Took a selfie before work today because in the exact words of my colleague….


Wahlau, you havent seen my swollen feet yet okay. Luckily my Moccasins ‘stretchable’! But I’m not complaining though because when else do I get to experience all these perks? 🙂


baby’s 32 weeks.

Ah, there’s my baby bump right there. I can get seats easily on the bus and train now, hahaha.

With the emergence of my swollen feet and aching lower back and neck, I booked a pre-natal massage with House of Traditional Javanese Massage this Monday and even had time to slot in a waxing session with Fabulous Aesthetics before the massage. I went for the same pre-natal massage in May and loved it like crazy so I figured I’d give it another shot since my bod’s giving me problems, haha. About my waxing, I keep telling myself that there is a small probability that it might be like childbirth and that if I can overcome brazilian waxing, I CAN OVERCOME ANYTHING.

To which my friend quipped that giving birth is nothing like brazilian waxing. It felt as though you are going through pain to cuci all your past sins that you had accummulated for 20+ years.

Okay, here are two Hari Raya shots from this year!

Our first Hari Raya together and with both sides of our families. How was it?

I KO-ed at his aunt’s place on the first day of raya at 11pm and my husband was down with high fever on the third day of raya. 

Kesian. Terkejut eh my family tree suddenly extensive like that?!


baby’s 30 weeks.

Finally done up a checklist for baby here, thanks to Ili for allowing me to ‘kapok’ the list! Although I have to say that with the presence of a checklist, I am officially going to be a kanchiong parent because I just realized A LOT have not been done/purchased yet.