my everything.

Just a few days back, a car almost knocked into my husband and me on the road. My husband as usual, at his 80km/h speed on the centre lane and this Mercedes car, out of nowhere, swerved into our lane and then sped for what seemed to be 110km/h? My husband then chased after him.

Macam Singapore’s Fast and Furious eh? Okay la tak la actually, hahaha.

Amazingly, that rugged, small bike of his could catch up with the car! I think it’s our luck also because the car stopped at a bus stop to let one of the passengers alight. 

“Turun sekarang, sayang,” my husband said. I alighted obediently sebab once the husband gets mad, he is definitely mad.

He walked to the car driver’s side and from where I stood, I could see the driver putting both his hands together, as if to apologise for swerving into our lane and almost hitting us. My husband started shouting at him (which caused quite a commotion and a pull of crowd out of the blue), “You know how to drive a fucking car or not?! My wife is pregnant! Are you going to be responsible if anything happens to her?!” 

And I swear, my husband was inches away from punching his face. But fortunately, the car driver sped off immediately after that. If he hadnt, masuk jail agaknya laki aku.

I know some are going to tell me to stop riding with him after this ordeal but honestly, this is our only mode of transport. We can take a cab everywhere but it’ll be costly. Nak beli kereta jangan cakap la. We havent even applied for a house yet. 

And this topic is going to lead to our financial status, which I am going to be transparent about. Just a few days back, a friend of mine commented….

“Eh why most of the things for your first baby from Carousell? First baby must buy new things!” 

Sakitnya tuh di sini di dalam hatiku k. 

Cos frankly la, to each its own kan? Not everyone earns the same pay monthly. Just because I work as a civil servant doesnt mean I earn a lot. My husband has to work two jobs after finding out I was pregnant cos he really wanted us to have enough – so that the three of us will be able to live comfortably in the future. On top of that, he is still studying part-time and that would require the fees.

It kills me sometimes when people give me the impression that the first child doesnt deserve second-hand things or hand-me-downs from others and that I am a bad mother for not buying brand new things for my child. I find nothing wrong in letting my child use the abovementioned cos ultimately, personally I believe that my child’s upbringing is the most important of all.

But nehmind, all the more this is going to spur me to become a good mother to my child, regardless of what others might say.

Wah suddenly tonight emo eh? Monday blues la.

6 thoughts on “my everything.

  1. Me and hubs almost got hit also! Most of the continental cars are freaking brainless and some don’t even signal when changing lanes! Minta kene campak telur! Banyak baca doa when riding ok? Semoga allah selalu lindung us riding and driving as safely as possible on road.

  2. omg I’m so glad to hear that you guys are safe. May Allah swt protect you always. and sorry to hear about your friend’s comment. it makes sense to buy pre-loved baby stuff cos babies grow out of them so fast! after reading your entries I was like kk I better build my profile on carousell so next time can buy and sell baby stuff too :p

  3. omgg so glad you guys are safe!!! i took the bike with my husb right up till maybe a few weeks before i gave birth and i really preferred it over a cab or public transport, so i know how you feel!

    anyway, dont let other people get you down about not providing the newest and latest for baby! $5 clothes work as well as $50 ones, and tbh if you can save $$ from getting it off carousell, i would encourage you all the more to do it! it is also being practical babe, esp because babies grow very fast and they go through clothes very fast!

    please please please take care, may Allah swt protect you and your little family always! aminnn.

    • In Shaa Allah, Amin. I feel really at ease reading this! I’ll have to learn to pekakkan telinga to what others say and just follow my motherly instincts haha. Cos I have a strong feeling after baby is born, more people are going to nitpick on what I do and what’s best for baby according to them grrrr.

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