arfa khalisah’s birth story.

Saturday, 5 September – 11.30am

I was tutoring when I felt a menses-like cramp in my tummy. It was subtle yet obvious at the same time. I brushed it off, thinking that it was probably just me feeling tired since the school term had just ended. Still could text my mum to buy kulit ayam goreng and murtabak from JB all you know.

Saturday, 5 September – 1.30pm

I had lunch at Jurong Point with my sisters. But the cramps were getting slightly more obvious by the minute. My sisters decided that we should just head home after lunch since I wasnt feeling too well. Went back home and did my big business. Naive me attributed the cramps to normal-nak-buang-air-besar kind of pain.

Saturday, 5 September – 6pm to 8.30pm

Since my husband was at work, I decided to tag along with my family as they were heading to New Hawa at McKenzie Road for dinner and then Mustafa Centre to do some last minute baby shopping. The usual, awesome-tasting chicken porridge with century egg tasted weird in my mouth. By then, the cramps were getting worse – but I persevered and tahan-ed anyway.

Saturday, 5 September – 9pm

Reached Mustafa Centre and headed straight to the baby section. The cramps were getting regular and came every 45 minutes. I had to stand at the side of the aisle everytime the cramps came. I remembered at one point my mum was telling me…

…”Jangan beranak kat sini tau kak. Mama masih nak beli bath tub and tilam baby.” -.-

Saturday, 5 September – 9.45pm

Was still at Mustafa Centre and texted a good friend to ask if what I was experiencing was real contractions or Braxton Hicks. Described the pain to her and she told me to keep timing the intervals the cramps came and how long each cramp lasted. Last minute me downloaded this app kat tengah-tengah Mustafa Centre tau:

Saturday, 5 September – 11pm

Finally reached home and could still help my mum heat up my murtabak and kulit ayam hahahaha. All of us sat at the living room, eating while watching tv. My husband had gone back to our Woodlands home to grab some stuff and do some household chores. I decided to wait up for him. The cramps were coming at 20 minutes interval.

Saturday/Sunday, 5/6 September – 11.30pm to 2am

The cramps, I declared, were no longer cramps but were real contractions. I remembered clearly leaning on the baby drawer because the pain was too much for me to handle. Contractions were every 6-7 minutes. My husband was still not home yet. Knocked on my parents’ bedroom door and they found me kneeling on the floor. Mcm drama Malaysia eh. But really, the pain…. Was too much for me. My mum helped me change and I called my frantic husband who was obviously too shocked because I was practically screaming on the phone, instructing him to go straight to KKH emergency.

Sunday, 6 September – 2.30am

Reached KKH in record time of 20 minutes, thanks to my dad who drove like Vin Diesel. My husband reached at the same time and I felt so glad that he was there with me. He got the hospital service assistant to wheel me into the delivery suite. The gynae on duty checked my cervix and immediately told the nurse,”4cm dilated, labour ward now.”

When they brought me to the labour ward, I realised that my parents had gone home and I just cried. I didnt have the chance to salam them and tell them to doakan for baby and me. But then again, I probably didnt need to tell them to doakan for me because I am already in their prayers, heheh #firstbornsyndrome

Sunday, 6 September – 3am

Arrived at labour ward bed 12. My husband helped me change into the labour robe with contractions coming in between. We just hugged whenever the contractions came and that was when we realised it was not going to be only the two of us anymore. Nurses came and did the necessary while all I did was inhale the gas. By then my contractions came every 4 minutes.

Sunday, 6 September – 3.45am

Was adamant on getting the happy-dural because I was too tired and I needed to get some sleep without experiencing any pain. Nurse came in to inform me that the anaesthetist will only be coming at 5.20am which equates to me inhaling has sampai khayal and mabuk.

Sunday, 6 September – 5.30am

Got my happy-dural and went to sleep.

Sunday, 6 September – 8am

Doctor came to break my waterbag.

Sunday, 6 September – 9am

I was 5cm dilated.

Sunday, 6 September – 11am

Already 9cm dilated (like magic).

Sunday, 6 September – 12pm

Already 10cm dilated. Midwife Norliza said we will start pushing at 1pm.

Sunday, 6 September – 1pm to 3.22pm

Pushed for a good 2.5 hours with my husband never leaving my side and feeding me ice cubes in between contractions. Padahal I am never someone who chews/eats ice cubes tau. The things being in labour make you do.

My husband mentioned that I was more semangat in pushing when Dr Suzanna came. Of course la, it meant that the baby is coming out and I could stop pushing right? But apparently baby was kind of big for me to push out and Dr Suzanna said I was too beat to continue pushing any further. She asked me,”I’m going to vacuum her out, you okay eh Mira?” I just nodded. Too sakit to even negotiate or insist anything else hahaha.

Sunday, 6 September – 3.22pm

Our little princess, Arfa Khalisah was born, Alhamdulillah 🙂

In the midst of the chaos and the pain, I could still tell my husband, “She looks like you and has my nose!” Lepas tu diam membisu because Dr Suzanna was stitching me up and I could feel every single stitch that was made.


But the pain was all worth it.

Until now, my husband and I will still look (more like stare obsessively) at her lovingly and officially label her as….

… Made in Bali 😅


baby’s 38 weeks.

Friends and colleagues feed me well at school. 

Which kinda explains the weight gain which I will worry about after Baby K is born, hahaha.

I am now residing at my parents’ place, which was a move initiated by my husband because he is worried about me being alone at his Woodlands place, considering that my FIL and SIL are working most of the time and there’ll be no one present if I experience any sort of pain (apart from our cat). Honestly, staying at my parents’ has its perks too – it’s near my school and I don’t have to drag myself to take the train home all the way to Woodlands. Plus, my mother, being a supermom and superhousewife, will have everything prepared even before we wake up from our sleep! Nasi goreng la, french toast la, you name it.

*hangs head down in shame*

I take this is part of the maternity leave bonus. Perhaps I deserve this before the baby comes? Heh. 

My tummy is so big now that people are asking if I am carrying twins. Some are even pestering me to take early maternity leave because they couldnt stand seeing me swarmed with work and running about settling unfinished business in school. But a teacher’s gotta do what a teacher’s gotta do. 


No worries, my maternity leave starts next week after the September holidays. “Musnt waste the September holidays,” my admin manager said. Pandai dia plan untuk orang eh.
Before I end, let me show you a picture of my seriously chronic swollen feet due to water retention:

This was two weeks ago and my feet have since swelled even more. I cant fit into any of my shoes and have resorted to using my husband’s Nike slip-ons to go to work. Just a few days back, I saw my school’s vice-principal walking towards me at the school hall. I was preparing myself for her opening speech of “Why are you wearing slippers to school” but instead she greeted me with…

… “I cannot see your ankles anymore.”