baby’s 38 weeks.

Friends and colleagues feed me well at school. 

Which kinda explains the weight gain which I will worry about after Baby K is born, hahaha.

I am now residing at my parents’ place, which was a move initiated by my husband because he is worried about me being alone at his Woodlands place, considering that my FIL and SIL are working most of the time and there’ll be no one present if I experience any sort of pain (apart from our cat). Honestly, staying at my parents’ has its perks too – it’s near my school and I don’t have to drag myself to take the train home all the way to Woodlands. Plus, my mother, being a supermom and superhousewife, will have everything prepared even before we wake up from our sleep! Nasi goreng la, french toast la, you name it.

*hangs head down in shame*

I take this is part of the maternity leave bonus. Perhaps I deserve this before the baby comes? Heh. 

My tummy is so big now that people are asking if I am carrying twins. Some are even pestering me to take early maternity leave because they couldnt stand seeing me swarmed with work and running about settling unfinished business in school. But a teacher’s gotta do what a teacher’s gotta do. 


No worries, my maternity leave starts next week after the September holidays. “Musnt waste the September holidays,” my admin manager said. Pandai dia plan untuk orang eh.
Before I end, let me show you a picture of my seriously chronic swollen feet due to water retention:

This was two weeks ago and my feet have since swelled even more. I cant fit into any of my shoes and have resorted to using my husband’s Nike slip-ons to go to work. Just a few days back, I saw my school’s vice-principal walking towards me at the school hall. I was preparing myself for her opening speech of “Why are you wearing slippers to school” but instead she greeted me with…

… “I cannot see your ankles anymore.”


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