family planning.

A few days back, unexpected guests turned up at my parents’ place to visit Khalisah. My husband and I were clad in our pyjamas (it was already 1pm but in our defence, we had already taken our shower, separately, of course hahaha) and fortunately Khalisah was at the living room with my parents. We were in our room spending some we-time surfing fb hahahahahah.

I sprung out of bed and frantically searched for a decent attire to don. Takkan nak keluar bilik with pyjamas right? Apa kata tetamu nanti lol.

Him: What are you doing? No need to change la. Your pyjamas not koyak what.

Me: Eh dont want la. Nanti apa org kata if I salam them in pyjamas.

Him: Just tell them we are making baby number two. *spreads arms out to hug me*

Khalisah tk approve tau, Ayah! At least not yet :p

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