Today was a crappy day. 

My left tendon is swollen and to quote the doctor, “Imagine that you don’t have a left hand for two weeks.” Means that I wont be able to use my left hand for these two weeks.

To make things worse, I felt the same type of pain in my right wrist when I reached home from the polyclinic! I shudder just thinking about not being able to use both hands 😡

And then in the evening, I felt a weird pain on my right inner thigh. It was a bisul/abscess. I obviously dont have a thigh gap so my thighs are constantly rubbing against each other which attributed to the pain the bisul is causing. Already both wrists sakit and then I am feeling pain when I sit/stand/walk. 

Then just now at 8pm, I felt giddy and feverish. Took my temperature and it was 38.5 degrees. I popped two paracetamols and just stoned at the living room while Khalisah was asleep.

I felt like crap today. I felt as though i wasnt capable enough to look after Khalisah.

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