p.o.p confinement.

Today marks the last day of confinement/pantang for me. I cant believe I went through 44 days of no spicy food and no cold plain water, which were staples during my pre-pregnancy as well as pregnancy days. Not to mention the ikan haruan and chicken essence which could really do with a change in recipe and taste and of course the ubat periuk which made my mata terbeliak when it went through my gullet. 

(Well, there was a particular day my mum cooked lontong goreng which was a tad too spicy for lunch and I ate a bit of it but turned out that Khalisah was the one experiencing the aftermath because she poo-ed for 7, 8 times in the entire day as I was exclusively breastfeeding her!)

Speaking of which, how has motherhood been so far?

It was… Full of ups and downs, no joke about it. Let me share the downs first.


Prior to starting on this breastfeeding journey, I had done a little (to none) research on breastfeeding and the only thing that I had prepared was probably the Spectra 9+ pump that was purchased months before my EDD. That’s it. No research on foods that will increase my milk supply, no research on lactation cookies/brownies, nothing. I confidently thought my milk would come in a day after I had given birth. Hence, I wasnt prepared at all for what I would be greeted with the first night we brought Khalisah home.

I had no milk. Not a single drop. She was waking up every 15-30mins. But I let her latch on anyway because of supply and demand since Dr Suzanna and the nurses at KKH said the milk would eventually be produced if Khalisah kept on suckling. Then I had a problem – both my nipples, especially my left one, were dry, cracked and sore. I ended up tearing whenever I let her latch on and already on the first night, my left nipple bled on Khalisah’s lips. 

It took 4 days for the milk to come in and close to 2 weeks for both my nipples to be back to normal.

After we had successfully passed the initial stage of breastfeeding then came another (happy) problem. Khalisah was latching on for at least 1.5hr during each feed. Initially I sat up while breastfeeding then it came to a point where my neck and back aches like crazy toward the end of the 1.5hr. To add on, her feeds were at 1-1.5hr intervals 😳

The best part was, she refuses to suck on any pacifier. From Tollyjoy to NUK, you name it, she refuses to suck on any of them. *collects all pacifiers to return to the store for refund*


For about 2 weeks, she sleeps heavily during the day, wakes up at 8pm and refuses to go to sleep after that. So at night, she cries and wails even after we feed her. There was even a particular night my husband carried her and knocked on my parents’ door while saying, “Mama, tolong kita, Ma.” Hahahaha. 

But I am glad to share that as of last week, she is feeding for an hour at 2, 3 hours intervals and sleeps at 9 or 10pm and wakes up every 3 hours for her feed and diaper change without any fuss, Alhamdulillah. I am praying that this will get better when she grows slightly older.

On the other hand, motherhood is beautiful during moments like these:

Frankly, the ups and downs make motherhood really worthwhile ❤️❤️❤️

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