baby talk and vomit.

Khalisah is extra excited whenever her father is around. As you can see from the video, she talks like a champion with her Ayah, no doubt. With me, all she does is focus on my boobs and will just smile whenever I talk to her. Kesian Mama dia. Padahal Mama dia yang mengandung 9 bulan and pantang 44 hari?!

Anyway, last Thursday was the very first time Khalisah and I went out after 44 days of confinement! Excited k, pakaikan dia dress and all. Where did we go? *drum roll please*

Jurong East Polyclinic, for her immunisation HAHAHA.

My younger sister tagged along and I am glad she did because my sweet little Khalisah vomitted the moment we alighted from the cab! She was literally drenched in her own vomit and the vomit, being milky and watery, flowed down to my dress. *claps hands*

Yang tukang lapkan muntah siapa? My sister la. Thanks sistaaaa.

Called my husband who was at home getting ready to go for his reservist (and probably running late also) and he said he would drop by to bring another set of clothes for Khalisah.

He did but he arrived when we were almost done so… We didnt change after all. Kesian Khalisah’s dress ada vomit.   

There, my 6 weeks old baby girl (at that time) like champion falling asleep seconds after her immunisation. 

So Mama kena inject Khalisah at home so boleh sleep easier?

2 thoughts on “baby talk and vomit.

  1. Khalisah is so cuteeeee, and congratulations on your “graduation” from pantang!!!!! enjoy the rest of maternity leave!!

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