Yesterday I left Khalisah in my mum’s care because my husband and I wanted to make a trip to Paragon’s M1 to recontract my line and have lunch at Ojolali since we were in the vicinity. A few days before I had pumped obsessively (hahaha!) to make sure I have at least 4-5 bottles of 110ml milk so that she wont kick up a fuss when we’re not around. I thought okay la since there were enough milk for her, shouldnt be a problem for my mum and my sisters, right?

Nooooooo, I was terribly mistaken.

She woke up from her 2-hour nap at 1.30pm (we left home at 12pm) and refused to sleep after that. She had two bottles of milk, however, but just refused to take her nap.

When we were at the void deck at 4pm, my mum texted me, “Kak, Arfa cranky.” HAHAHAH I think she cannot tahan already. Apparently this little girl kept crying when we were not around and would only stop when my mum carried her and walked at the corridor of the house. I suspect she just wanted the feeling of having my boob in her mouth tau.

So we got home, changed, and while my husband carried her, she was talking non-stop to him as though she was unhappy that we had left her for a few hours. While bathing, she was giving me a hard time! She was making a ruckus and wailed like nobody’s business macam dah 10 hari tk minum susu kind. Everytime she cries like that I’ll get very kanchiong you know.

I then nursed her on the bed, thinking (or rather, worrying) how my mum is going to manage if Khalisah keeps up this manja attitude once I start work. My husband then left for his night shift and will only be back at 4am.

Then, Khalisah looked up and gave me this:

I whipped out my phone and immediately snapped a picture of her! She fell asleep shortly after that and I couldnt help but to hug her tightly. 

That feeling of being wanted by my child is simply unbelievable.


bm & fm

We finally realised why Khalisah vomitted on the day we went out. 

It was because we had given her formula milk. 

Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong in feeding formula milk to your child, really. Which was why my husband and I had decided to try giving her formula milk (at that point of time) because honestly, my milk supply has been really inconsistent thus far. Sometimes I get 100ml while pumping and sometimes I would get a mere 20ml. He was worried that I might not be able to build a stash when I start work in January so we decided to test fm with her.

Why did I say that her vomitting was because she had drank fm? 

The day we went out and since I was driving, my husband was feeding her formula milk at the back. She was resistant at first but since she finished a whole bottle anyway. Ahe vomitted like a merlion at Marina Square after that and also the next day.

On Sunday, my husband and I attended a friend’s wedding and left Khalisah in my mum’s care since we were riding. Since i had only successfully l pumped two bottles of milk (one 100ml and one 80ml), it wasnt enough for her so my mum gave her formula milk. 

We came home to a whiny sister who said Khalisah vomitted all over her when she woke up from her nap. That same night when my husband tried to burp her, she vomitted again all over the bed. I tell you, it wasnt a pretty sight and I felt bad for my little girl.

So now, fm out of the question. I am currently searching for milk boosters that can save my boobs hahahah. If you have any, please share k!


three of us.

Yesterday marked our first official outing as a family of three! 

I know, I should have taken a picture of the three of us right?! But sadly, these were the only pictures that were taken yesterday. I planned to have a mirror shot picture of us after dinner but…..

….Khalisah decided to vomit all over me, her and our Tula 😳

The best part was, my first reaction was to ‘tadah’ my palm to collect her vomit (as if by doing that, her vomit wont spill all over me and her meh? Not thinking there, Mira!). My husband was in the washroom with her diaper bag so I just stood outside the male toilet calling, “Sayang? Sayang?” with my voice echoing through the toilet. 

He walked out to see both his girls drenched in milk vomit hahahaha. We spent a good 45 minutes in the nursing room cleaning her up AND the Tula, which we decided not to use on the way back to the car. On the way back home, we sat in the car in silence while I drove because Khalisah was throwing a tantrum as it was her milk time. My husband kept telling Khalisah, “Sayang you cry also no use cos there isnt any t**ek for you back here.” HAHAHAHA.

It was an eventful evening out revolving around a baby, her vomit and her tantrum but I still found it lovely anyway 🙂


arfa khalisah’s 2nd month.

On Friday, Khalisah had turned 2 months old which got me thinking of two things: 1) How fast time flies! 2) Two months of maternity leave left -.-

The latter is a bummer but I’ll definitely make full use of the remaining two months to spend time with Khalisah 🙂

How has she been thus far?

Not bad, I must say! She sleeps better at night – some nights from 10pm to 4am or 9am to 3am before she starts waking up for her diaper change or her feed. She would then go back to sleep and wake up at 8am (if I’m lucky) or 6am for another feed. I have to mention though, as much as I hate to admit it, Khalisah sleeps better being swaddled. There was a particular night I didnt swaddle her (just to test whether my theory of her enjoying being swaddled was right) and true enough, the poor girl didnt have a good night’s sleep. She kept stretching, tossing, turning and wouldnt stop pushing my boob away WHILE BREASTFEEDING! So without fail, my husband and I would swaddle her when she is almost falling asleep and I have to sadly admit that he is the master swaddler.

Speaking of my husband, I have to admit something else with you. 

When I was pregnant with Khalisah, I had doubts on whether he’d be a good father. I kept thinking if he was going to be the kind of father that wouldnt touch any soiled diapers or the kind that leaves everything up to the mother to settle. So far, Alhamdulillah, he helps around as much as he can whenever he is at home. He changes her diapers when he comes home at night and lets me sleep while he sways her to sleep. Sometimes when I fall asleep while breastfeeding her in the afternoon, he would sit her on his lap while he does his work or has his meal and would only wake me up when she merengek like loud hailer for milk.

For that, I am eternally grateful to him and bersyukur to Allah for blessing me with such a husband. I have seen friends’ husbands who are really hands-on kind of fathers and am utterly glad that mine can join that band of brothers hahaha okay i diam.

May I add that he comes home for lunch just so he could take a power nap with her?! And may I also add that she gets extra chatty with him?! #jealousmotherjealouswife

Apart from sleeping better, Khalisah is also cooing cutely at times and is slightly more attentive to her surrounding. She stares at my mum with amazement when my mum makes animal sounds and smiles when my sister sings some fast-paced angmoh song to her. 

There is one teeny-weeny problem though. She cries frequently for milk. Even after being fed for more than an hour during different intervals in the day, she would be in a good mood (sitting at her rocker quietly or allowing my family carry her without fussing) at most only 30-45mins before crying for another feed!

Is that normal at 2 months old? Being a first time mum, I worry if that meant she is a crybaby and this would be a permanent trait of hers for months to come 😭

My mum assured me that once she hits 3 months old, she would cry lesser since she would be more aware of the surrounding but I cant help but worry la. 

In Shaa Allah, everything will be fine, no?