Yesterday I left Khalisah in my mum’s care because my husband and I wanted to make a trip to Paragon’s M1 to recontract my line and have lunch at Ojolali since we were in the vicinity. A few days before I had pumped obsessively (hahaha!) to make sure I have at least 4-5 bottles of 110ml milk so that she wont kick up a fuss when we’re not around. I thought okay la since there were enough milk for her, shouldnt be a problem for my mum and my sisters, right?

Nooooooo, I was terribly mistaken.

She woke up from her 2-hour nap at 1.30pm (we left home at 12pm) and refused to sleep after that. She had two bottles of milk, however, but just refused to take her nap.

When we were at the void deck at 4pm, my mum texted me, “Kak, Arfa cranky.” HAHAHAH I think she cannot tahan already. Apparently this little girl kept crying when we were not around and would only stop when my mum carried her and walked at the corridor of the house. I suspect she just wanted the feeling of having my boob in her mouth tau.

So we got home, changed, and while my husband carried her, she was talking non-stop to him as though she was unhappy that we had left her for a few hours. While bathing, she was giving me a hard time! She was making a ruckus and wailed like nobody’s business macam dah 10 hari tk minum susu kind. Everytime she cries like that I’ll get very kanchiong you know.

I then nursed her on the bed, thinking (or rather, worrying) how my mum is going to manage if Khalisah keeps up this manja attitude once I start work. My husband then left for his night shift and will only be back at 4am.

Then, Khalisah looked up and gave me this:

I whipped out my phone and immediately snapped a picture of her! She fell asleep shortly after that and I couldnt help but to hug her tightly. 

That feeling of being wanted by my child is simply unbelievable.

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