Today marks the end of my maternity leave. The 6-months leave should really materialise soon, man.

Arfa Khalisah’s milestones so far:

Two weeks ago, we realised she loved doing this all the time. We called it the Yoga Master Pose.

Then the yoga pose got higher a few days later.


Then it turned to this. Right now she’ll bring both her feet to her mouth whenever she’s lying down or watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


And she’s now rolling over! At first we thought it was a one-off thing then we noticed that she is always trying to roll and lie on her tummy whenever she has the opportunity! So now you can guess how difficult and challenging it can be when I’m changing her diapers -.-



And yessss the moment I’ve been ‘waiting’ for. Started with daintily putting her pinky into her mouth. Still jambu ah so masih okay la. Then it evolved into putting her whole hand into her mouth! Hahaha cannot maintain jambu already la like that.

After witnessing the changes she has gone through, I chanced upon this while looking at old photos last night:




end of maternity leave – 13 days.

Yupppp just like that, almost 4 months have passed. I really feel working mothers should be given at least 6 months of maternity leave.

1st month – to fully recover and get used to bfeeding routine

2nd month – to get to know your child’s routine and behaviour

3rd month – to adjust to motherhood after bfeeding and child’s routine are in place

4th to 6th month – to enjoy maternity leave.

See how la one day if I become minister I will implement this 6 months maternity leave thingy hahaha.

Khalisah, Mama nak cakap sikit la. Kalau nak pose mcm gini, pampers masukkan k sayang? 😂


arfa khalisah’s 3rd month.


My baby turned 3 months on Sunday! But poor thing la, she had cold and cough on that very night. My heart ached seeing her sneeze with mucus hanging out and coughing badly with phlegm! My husband thought we’d give her a few days and see whether she would ‘self-recover’ (tough parents with high expectations hahaha) but on Monday her body felt slightly warmer than usual and poor Khalisah was coughing with teary eyes. We brought her to the polyclinic that afternoon and Alhamdulillah she is much better now. She isnt sneezing that much although the cough is still there.

The weird thing was, we thought she looked and sounded really cute while coughing hahahahahahahaha. #ourstrangeaddiction 

I find it cuter when she farts and her hidung akan kembang when she is pooping. #loveofamother



tula and lenny.

I had sold my Tula two weeks ago because it didnt “feel right”.

Before anyone goes yek eleh action pulak dekni nak step babywearing pro hahahaha, let me explain why it didnt “feel right”.

Dont get me wrong, I love the Tula that I had – its mint colour, its rainbow print, its smooth texture. However deep inside, everytime we went out the Tula gets left in the car because either it was a hassle to put her in the infant insert or we dont want Khalisah to have her back sweating from being in the infant insert AND the tula carrier. I felt as if I had underused the Tula and undermined its beauty (betul, jgn ketawa k). So I sold it to my student’s mum-turned-friend who coincidentally was looking to buy both the Tula carrier and the infant insert. With the money I had, I bought….

The mint lace Lenny Lamb carrier which I really loved from the bottom of my heart. My 11 weeks old Khalisah fit snugly in it (without the need of any infant insert) and sleeps immediately whenever she’s in the Lenny! The wrap convertible was so soft and the print was lace! If anyone ever noticed back then, the theme for my wedding was teal, white and lace hahaha so I am a legit lace-lover! With this Lenny, I really looked after it and sanggup letak tissue atas the hood/kepala Khalisah while eating so that none of the food crumbs would land on any of them (both hood and Khalisah).

A few days after buying the Mint Lace Lenny, I saw this on Instagram:

Apparently a Carouseller was selling this limited edition Purple Sky Lace Lenny Lamb! It was preloved and selling for $265 excluding delivery which was a tad too expensive, IMHO. But I love love love the colour because it was exactly like my wedding decor!

But then again, I already have my Mint Lace one so… No go la eh. That same night, however, I found myself going back to that Sky Lace Lenny’s picture and just.kept.staring! Maybe not my rezeki, the one sold on Carousell was no longer there and it was sold out on the official LL website as well as other US websites.

Since side-lying breastfeeding has granted me to have both hands free and the ability to surf the Internet for as long as Khalisah feeds, yesterday morning after my husband had left for work, I stumbled upon an online babywearing website from Finland which was having post Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale on ALL THEIR CARRIERS! Which meant my Purple Sky Lace LL was on sale too! Texted a friend who was dabbling between buying an LL carrier or a wrap and she decided to buy the Divine Lace LL and we split the shipping cost!

Just like that, I have the love of my life in a form of a carrier. I can’t wait for Khalisah to be in it yay!

That being said, I will be selling my Mint Lace Lenny Lamb Carrier (Baby size) if anybody’s interested! I bought it from another mummy in the sg babywearing fb for $185 and since I had used it for three times already, I am selling it for $170, including courier. Here’s a better, justifiable picture:

Mine doesnt come with the hood straps though. If you’re not fussy and would love to own an LL, email me 🙂