arfa khalisah’s 3rd month.


My baby turned 3 months on Sunday! But poor thing la, she had cold and cough on that very night. My heart ached seeing her sneeze with mucus hanging out and coughing badly with phlegm! My husband thought we’d give her a few days and see whether she would ‘self-recover’ (tough parents with high expectations hahaha) but on Monday her body felt slightly warmer than usual and poor Khalisah was coughing with teary eyes. We brought her to the polyclinic that afternoon and Alhamdulillah she is much better now. She isnt sneezing that much although the cough is still there.

The weird thing was, we thought she looked and sounded really cute while coughing hahahahahahahaha. #ourstrangeaddiction 

I find it cuter when she farts and her hidung akan kembang when she is pooping. #loveofamother


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