end of maternity leave – 13 days.

Yupppp just like that, almost 4 months have passed. I really feel working mothers should be given at least 6 months of maternity leave.

1st month – to fully recover and get used to bfeeding routine

2nd month – to get to know your child’s routine and behaviour

3rd month – to adjust to motherhood after bfeeding and child’s routine are in place

4th to 6th month – to enjoy maternity leave.

See how la one day if I become minister I will implement this 6 months maternity leave thingy hahaha.

Khalisah, Mama nak cakap sikit la. Kalau nak pose mcm gini, pampers masukkan k sayang? 😂

10 thoughts on “end of maternity leave – 13 days.

  1. My gynae also thinks that we should have 6 months instead of 4. He knows that 4 months isn’t enough. I myself am not sure if I can leave my boy for work later when the maternity leave is over.

  2. I also think 6 months is ideal.. I feel that by then they’re starting to be more independent and less baby-ish… eating, can sit up and play, etc. Plus 16 weeks is technically 3.5 months boo Spore.

  3. Omg ure right babe! 6 mths dah boleh duduk. Dah boleh makan. So tk too attached to our boobs kan. Kalau boleh bwk dorg to work pon best. Mcm lil girls bring their babydolls everywhere they go :p and khalisah so cute pls her posing!

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