Today marks the end of my maternity leave. The 6-months leave should really materialise soon, man.

Arfa Khalisah’s milestones so far:

Two weeks ago, we realised she loved doing this all the time. We called it the Yoga Master Pose.

Then the yoga pose got higher a few days later.


Then it turned to this. Right now she’ll bring both her feet to her mouth whenever she’s lying down or watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


And she’s now rolling over! At first we thought it was a one-off thing then we noticed that she is always trying to roll and lie on her tummy whenever she has the opportunity! So now you can guess how difficult and challenging it can be when I’m changing her diapers -.-



And yessss the moment I’ve been ‘waiting’ for. Started with daintily putting her pinky into her mouth. Still jambu ah so masih okay la. Then it evolved into putting her whole hand into her mouth! Hahaha cannot maintain jambu already la like that.

After witnessing the changes she has gone through, I chanced upon this while looking at old photos last night:



One thought on “milestones.

  1. Wow alhamdulillah active baby! Nayli belum nk roll lagi. She seems to blabber, shriek more and more je. Tapi yoga master pose and fist dalam mulut tu dah >.<

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