oh my baby. 

Found this draft unpublished from 27 Oct 2015. I cant stop smiling now! 


Today, I got a little exasperated with my sweet Khalisah. 

She woke up bright and early at 7.15am when her father’s alarm rang (and it didnt help that the alarm tone bunyi mcm some rifle from WWII please). We were able to play with her for a good 15 minutes before she started crying. Even after sending her father to the door to go to work, she was still sobbing.

So she was then fed. From 8.15am to 9.30am. Gave her a nice, warm bath before she cried again. Fed her again from 10am to 11.30am. She was asleep (or rather, she looked like she was asleep) so I sneaked away to take a shower, only to come out of the bathroom, seeing my sister carrying her around the house to calm her down. Khalisah cried even louder when she saw me and that made me kanchiong and somewhat disoriented. I even rummaged through her pile of clothings to look for MY clothes – that was how kanchiong I was.

Fed her again to calm her down from 12.30pm to 2pm. Again, she went to sleep after that. In the middle of having lunch, she cried again so I had to gobble up my food before attending to her. Distracted her for a little bit but was fruitless. She was still crying non-stop. So she was fed again from 3pm to 4.30pm. She didnt fall asleep after that so I bathed her. She cried again while I was putting on her clothes and all and my sister carried her while I had my shower. Khalisah fell asleep after that for a good 30 minutes before waking up at 6.30pm to cry again.

I got kind of annoyed (Astaghfirullahaladzim, Ya Allah forgive me), carried her and put her on the bed. I lay down beside her and fed her while she looked at me like this:


All she wanted was to have me by her side 😔

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