roll (follow) up.





That very same night, we eventually brought her to KKH because my husband kept asking me things like, “What if got blood clot? Her skull is very tender kan?” Wahhhhhh cannot I very scared already. So at 10.45pm we reached KKH and hwaiting on although waiting time was 4 hours.

Sorry la first time parents la hahaha.

We were given a bed at the observation ward which was eventually used to place our bags and phone cos all Khalisah wanted to do was to be carried. She finally succumbed to her sleepy eyes about 2 hrs later and woke up 30 minutes later. 

Honestly speaking, that was my first time ever at a 24-hr children’s clinic and boy was I shocked. It wasnt a pretty sight to see babies and kids crying their eyes out and a waiting area full of parents and grandparents! Alhamdulillah, Khalisah wasnt affected by all that because if she had started crying as well, that would result in me following suit also.

The doctor then came to see Khalisah at 12.45am and she said that Khalisah was okay. She touched Khalisah’s head and said our baby’s skull had no abnormalities so x-ray wasnt needed since its radiation wasnt good for babies. However we had to monitor her closely to see if she showed signs of vomitting or refusal to wake up from sleep.

(May I add that the latter wasnt going to be a problem because Khalisah is having major sleep regression and it’s affecting my ability to function properly at work)

Doctor issued an MC for Khalisah because she said I looked like I needed a rest from work. *virtual hug that doctor* The next day I was on childcare leave (so early in the term but who cares I am entitled to that) and was glad to see that Khalisah was doing well. No red flags whatsoever so yay.

And Khalisah’s nenek (my mum!) decided that a fortress of pillows is essential to prevent her from rolling off the bed in the future 😂


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