kèri khalisah.

So I’ve already jumped onto the babywearing bandwagon and it’s a (happy) problem because just the other day my colleague said to me, “You’ve fallen into the rabbit hole of carriers. Mati already.” Hahaha.

If anyone recalls, I first bought a Standard Palette Tula when I was six months pregnant but sold it to a friend after using it twice cos my husband felt it was too hot a carrier and he didnt want Khalisah to perspire so much.

I then bought a Mint Lace Lenny Lamb which was mad love cos it was so soft and floppy and full of sleepy dust! But I sold it cos I was then crazy over the Purple Sky Lace LL. 

After I got my Purple Sky Lace, my husband said the material would make his baby perspire (yup he said his baby – he forgot who pushed out the baby tau). To be honest, I was quite pleased (gila seh) cos that meant I would have the chance to buy another carrier!

I then bought the Hedgiehog Connecta which is so fuss-free and grab-and-go kind of carrier. My husband loves the Connecta so if he’s happy, I am happy too.

Then I decided that I should have another Connecta to be put at my parents’ place since we stay there during weekdays! 

Then I bought a Vine Connecta from a UK mama at such a steal that made me such a happy goober, I swear.

With one LL and two Connectas, enough already right?

Nooooo cos I fell in love an Amelia Sundae Swirl WC Tula! So I went ahead and bought it without hesitation hahaha. Mampus.

If my husband hadnt said that we should start saving for our home renovation, I would have bought a fifth one, I think. 

No la, just kidding! :p but truthfully, baby wearing is the most beautiful thing ever ❤