arfa khalisah’s 6 months old!

This blog has been sadly neglected after I started work in January. Work is piling up like nobody’s business but no point talking about it here since it’s gonna pile up for the next 10, 20 years anyway, haha.

Let’s talk happy things.

Our Arfa Khalisah is already six months old! She can now sit on her own and is starting to crawl so we need to watch her ALL the time now. It’s easy at my mum’s place since my family members are always around to keep an eye on her but very tough back at our place since it’s a maisonette (the stairs and I dont go well together) so if you’re around the vicinity and you feel the ground shaking, dont panic. It’s just me running up the stairs from the kitchen to the bedroom to grab her wet tissues or something.

She smiles a lot now (that trait is honestly from me, no shame but really it’s true) and she is nursing every 4-5 hours, depending on how full she is from her breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

And I’ve finally decided to destash the carriers that I had and keep my Didymos Indio Connecta which I bought from the official Connecta website!

I am utterly pleased with the Connecta cos Khalisah falls asleep everytime she’s in it. Not long naps though, but I’ll take any nap time she gets. Short naps better than no naps, heh.

I also decided to keep my Amelia’s Sundae Swirl Tula but am waiting patiently for Khalisah to finally fit snugly in it 🙂

Basically these are the simple updates I have with regards to the small human being who has taken over my life hahaha. I’ll end off with some pictures we took as a family of three during our Saturday outings ❤







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