syafakillah, Khalisah.

Two weeks ago, Khalisah had bronchilitis and it was probably the worst week of my life ever. She had runny nose, cough, breathlessness AND fever. Initially we had brought her to Baby Bear Clinic at Woodlands (I wouldnt recommend this clinic) but realised that she wasnt getting any better so we brought her to KKH eventually. Last week, her nose had recovered and her cough and breathlessness were alright already.

However we realised that after completing her antibiotics, she started experiencing diarrhoea. She started pooing around 9-10 times on Sunday but it got better on Tuesday. Then on Tuesday night, we noticed that her crying was unusual and she was restless while we were trying to put her to bed.

“Maybe her diaper agaknya?” I told my husband. So we switched on the lights and changed her diaper. That was when we knew why she was crying badly and was uncomfortable the whole time. She had the nastiest nappy rash – the worse in 9 months. Her whole vaginal area was red and there were blisters at the area near her tempat berak (sorry I suddenly cant remember what is a more appropriate term for this). We whisked her away to NUH, and doctor said it was due to the pooing for the past few days.

Yesterday while I was at work, my mum texted me to say that Khalisah had vomitted a couple of times within a short period of time and was pooing nothing but water out. I came home in the afternoon and monitored her. I thought all was okay until last night, she woke up suddenly from her sleep, sat on the bed and started vomitting and pooing at the same time. After I cleaned her up, she vomitted two more times before I decided to bring her to the doctor again.

Doctor said it was a viral infection and her diarrhoea would take close to 5 days to recover. What hurt me the most is to have her experience all that discomfort for another 5 days – and not to mention, her dwindling appetite for both food and milk. 

I should be the sick one instead of my daughter. But me being me, I always strive to find a positive note in the midst of these negativity. We had the most awesome two weeks of June hols together (she was well and active) and this sickness is just another phase of her growing up. 


of qada and qadr.

Yup, this is how Arfa Khalisah watches tv now 😂

My husband and I spent the past two weeks deciding on a destination for our December holidays. We had considered the following places because according to him, if we don’t ‘go big’ now, we’ll never have a chance to do it once we have ehem, number 2 and number 3 (he say one ah, not I say haha):

1) Italy

2) Norway

3) Canada

4) Maldives

5) Greece

6) New York

7) London

We probably spent our nights surveying flight and accommodation. Why we planned to do this THIS year was because we had planned to buy a resale flat in September next year and before the bulk of our finances get pumped into our new home (In Shaa Allah), might as well we go on a holiday as a family before crazy starts.

However, Allah has a different plan for us.

The same week we were indecisive on a chosen holiday destination, I suddenly found myself exhausted from the weekly shuttle between Jurong and Woodlands, after 8 months of doing so without any complaints.  Told my husband about it and he admitted that he was feeling the exact same thing too. He was tired of having to spring-clean the Woodlands house every week we’re there and I wasnt particularly happy that whenever we return to the Jurong home, our bedroom will be messy, no thanks to my teenage younger sisters who have not learnt to clean up after themselves.

We went to bed that night thinking if we could keep our sanity if this goes on.

One night after Khalisah had gone to sleep, both of us sat cross-legged on the floor and finally came to a consensus that we HAVE TO buy our house this year. My husband came across a listing on propertyguru of an apartment for sale at the same block as my parents’, so that it’ll be easier to send Khalisah to them since we dont own a car (yet, haha). Both of us thought that this might just be a perfect solution to our problem and albeit having to properly save for the reno and miscellaneous cost, this is definitely better than shuttling between two houses on a weekly basis.

Funny how something that we never thought would be a problem would eventually be a problem in time to come.

But I still wanted a holiday though, heheh. In the end we decided last night on a perfect holiday destination…

Kuala Lumpur 😂😂😂😂😂

Sorry to burst your bubble but honestly, nothing will go wrong with KL hahahahaha. Accommodation murah, makanan Halal bersepah and there are things to do there. My husband has NEVER been to KLCC his whole life and the last time we were there, we only had 2.5 days to enjoy KL. This time, In Shaa Allah, we will be there for 7 days ah amek kau.

So this is an apt example of qada and qadr. Betapa dahsyatnya kita merancang nak pergi Italy, Canada etc, if Allah dah tetapkan that we spend our money on our new house instead of a holiday then it will be His plan instead of our plan 🙂

This is by far the best gift Allah has given us ❤️