of qada and qadr.

Yup, this is how Arfa Khalisah watches tv now πŸ˜‚

My husband and I spent the past two weeks deciding on a destination for our December holidays. We had considered the following places because according to him, if we don’t ‘go big’ now, we’ll never have a chance to do it once we have ehem, number 2 and number 3 (he say one ah, not I say haha):

1) Italy

2) Norway

3) Canada

4) Maldives

5) Greece

6) New York

7) London

We probably spent our nights surveying flight and accommodation. Why we planned to do this THIS year was because we had planned to buy a resale flat in September next year and before the bulk of our finances get pumped into our new home (In Shaa Allah), might as well we go on a holiday as a family before crazy starts.

However, Allah has a different plan for us.

The same week we were indecisive on a chosen holiday destination, I suddenly found myself exhausted from the weekly shuttle between Jurong and Woodlands, after 8 months of doing so without any complaints.  Told my husband about it and he admitted that he was feeling the exact same thing too. He was tired of having to spring-clean the Woodlands house every week we’re there and I wasnt particularly happy that whenever we return to the Jurong home, our bedroom will be messy, no thanks to my teenage younger sisters who have not learnt to clean up after themselves.

We went to bed that night thinking if we could keep our sanity if this goes on.

One night after Khalisah had gone to sleep, both of us sat cross-legged on the floor and finally came to a consensus that we HAVE TO buy our house this year. My husband came across a listing on propertyguru of an apartment for sale at the same block as my parents’, so that it’ll be easier to send Khalisah to them since we dont own a car (yet, haha). Both of us thought that this might just be a perfect solution to our problem and albeit having to properly save for the reno and miscellaneous cost, this is definitely better than shuttling between two houses on a weekly basis.

Funny how something that we never thought would be a problem would eventually be a problem in time to come.

But I still wanted a holiday though, heheh. In the end we decided last night on a perfect holiday destination…

Kuala Lumpur πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Sorry to burst your bubble but honestly, nothing will go wrong with KL hahahahaha. Accommodation murah, makanan Halal bersepah and there are things to do there. My husband has NEVER been to KLCC his whole life and the last time we were there, we only had 2.5 days to enjoy KL. This time, In Shaa Allah, we will be there for 7 days ah amek kau.

So this is an apt example of qada and qadr. Betapa dahsyatnya kita merancang nak pergi Italy, Canada etc, if Allah dah tetapkan that we spend our money on our new house instead of a holiday then it will be His plan instead of our plan πŸ™‚

This is by far the best gift Allah has given us ❀️

9 thoughts on “of qada and qadr.

  1. totes agree on KL! πŸ˜€ anyway it will be very satisfying to live in your own home, and plus point so much for you that you will be in same block as your mum! tak payah masak!!

  2. Aww! Such a timely reminder for me thank you so much. Sometimes its best to leave it all up to Allah hor. Hahahaha. All the best babe for your vacay & house! πŸ™†πŸ™†

    • Yes, you’ll never go wrong when you leave it all up to Allah SWT. Thanks babe! I plan holidau itinerary mcm pergi London kind but actually seberang tambak je 😹

    • Issssh In Shaa Allah hopefully it’s a doa hahahaha. Omg now je i am like scouring for nice home stuff online and bookmarking the pages! Padahal masih belum ada rumah πŸ˜‚

  3. Being near one of your parents/caretaker is so convenient! We made our decision to buy our flat based on that even tho we weren’t planning for kids yet haha. Oh khalisah’s cheeky face mintak kena gigit pls haha.

    • I can imagine the convenience! Cant wait to have our own house cos the shuttling to-and-fro is giving me headaches. Hahaha she is like Danyal tau! Always “talking” to people

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